Sky Q: everything you need to know

Always fighting over the remote? Want the beautiful game to look even more beautiful? You need Sky Q – the new TV package built for family life, football and the latest 4K TVs…

19 Jul 2017


The luxury Sky Q is packed with technology to help you watch what you want, when you want, where you want.


You can record multiple channels while watching another live, or watch something on your TV then pick up where you left off on your iPad.

And with the football in super-sharp 4K resolution on Sky Sports, it’s one of the best ways to watch the game.

What’s special about Sky Q?

  • Fluid Viewing lets you pause a show on the living room TV and pick up where you left off on your tablet in bed
  • Record up to 4 different shows at the same time as watching something live – perfect for families who can’t agree
  • Sky Q Mini gives you all the live and on demand programming on another TV without another dish
  • Record a live programme on your TV to watch directly afterwards on your tablet
  • Sky Q Touch Remote is Bluetooth-operated and has a finger-operated touchpad
  • View content in a sidebar while you watch TV with the apps menu


Football and films in 4K UHD on Sky Q

Thinking of buying a 4K TV? Sky Q gives you some real incentive to go ahead. To get the best from 4K, you need content that was recorded, shot or mastered in the resolution. Sky Q, alongside Netflix and Amazon Prime, now has that content. 

Football fans will love to watch the season in 4K on Sky Sports. Movie buffs can meanwhile enjoy the latest blockbusters and classics too.


How to get it

The Sky Q box comes in two choices – 1TB or 2TB. To watch 4K UHD content you need to choose the 2TB option.

Monthly packages start at £22 a month but the Sky Q 2TB box costs £199 for set up and installation. Football fans can add Sky Sports £27.50 per month. 

Find out more about Sky Q

Get the best from Sky Q with a new 4K TV

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