Sonos PLAYBASE: The sound solution for TVs on stands

Want better sound from your TV? The Sonos PLAYBASE is perfect for TVs that sit on stands and furniture…

13 Mar 2017

What is the Sonos PLAYBASE?

A flat, rectangular speaker that improves on the sound of your TV’s built-in speakers and streams music from Spotify. With its slim, low-profile design, it inconspicuously sits flat beneath the TV.

It’s a ‘soundstage’, which reimagines the traditional soundbar with a flat design for freestanding TVs.


PLAYBASE or PLAYBAR – wall-mounted or on a stand?

Modern TVs are super thin, which doesn’t leave much room for the speakers inside them. Soundbars and soundstages are the easiest way to amplify your speaker sound.

Soundbars, like the Sonos PLAYBAR, are designed to work best with wall-mounted TVs. But not everyone wants their television on the wall. Sonos says 70% of TVs sit on furniture and aren’t wall mounted, so they spent 3 years creating an answer.

The PLAYBASE can sit directly beneath your TV on the stand or unit or within your open cabinet - perfect if you don’t want to mount your TV. It ‘securely supports TVs up to 77 lbs (35 kg),’ says Sonos. That’s ‘just about any TV that comes with its own stand’.


How will it look and sound in my living room?

Style-wise, it’s chic, cool and understated. ‘It needed to look like it was carved from a piece of granite,’ says one Sonos designer. It’s designed to elegantly fade into the background of your room without the clutter of trailing cables or awkward positioning –soundbars can lose their sophistication when not wall-mounted.

sonos playbase

TV cabinets are often in the corner of the room – an area not noted for its acoustics. Sonos calibrates speakers to suit their immediate surroundings. With Trueplay technology you can get the best from your PLAYBASE without overhauling the layout of your room. What is Trueplay?

Take a peak behind the scenes and see what went into making the Sonos PLAYBASE below:


How much better will my TV sound?

Lots. You can enjoy ‘room filling sound’ with ‘deeper booms, crystal-clear whispers and huge waves of sound’ when watching TV or movies. How? Inside the slim, sophisticated box sit 10 amplified internal drivers:

  • 6 mid-range
  • 3 tweeters
  • 1 woofer

Those who’ve heard the PLAYBASE in action in a special demo at Sonos HQ praised the depth of its bass, its room-crossing range, and the overall definition of its sound. It was tested on movies as diverse as The Jungle Book and the Bond film, Spectre.


Why Sonos? 5.1 Home cinema and beyond

With Sonos, you can create a network of wireless speakers throughout your home, all connected to your Wi-Fi and controlled with a single app. Speakers are designed to suit different scenarios – the PLAY:3 is perfect for bigger rooms and the PLAY:1 for smaller. You can add as many as 32 speakers – explore the range here


Just like Sonos’ other wireless speakers, the PLAYBASE can hook up to your Sonos network. So you can create 5:1 surround sound by simply adding a SUB subwoofer and two Sonos PLAY:1 speakers behind your TV – get the PLAY:1. And because the speakers are wireless, you get surround sound without the clutter of cables. 

Everything is controlled through the Sonos Controller app on your phone or tablet – from setting up new speakers to deciding what’s playing and where. The PLAYBASE can also be controlled through your existing TV remote – much easier when you’re in the middle of a movie.


What about music?

As well as boosting your TV’s sound, the PLAYBASE also doubles as a premium speaker for streaming music when the TV is switched off.

Apple Music, Spotify Premium, Deezer, Tidal and Google Play are among the streaming services you can play directly through the Sonos app. Those who heard its music streaming demo praised how the PLAYBASE handled everything from the bass of Beyoncé to the sparse separation of Radiohead.


Getting started

Getting started with the PLAYBASE is fuss-free. It connects to your TV via a single optical cable, while the Sonos app will walk you through set-up in no time at all – whether it’s your first Sonos or you’re adding to an existing network. Spanning both TV and music streaming, the PLAYBASE is a great way to start your Sonos collection.

Sonos PLAYBASE launches on sale 4th April, and is available in black and white.

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