Sony makes 4K TV living-room friendly with the Bravia X9

4K is the future of TV - now Sony´s Bravia X9 range condenses the technology into 55 and 65-inch TVs that are living-room friendly and easier on the wallet

17 Jun 2013

Bring the kind of television picture hitherto enjoyed only by film stars, footballers and the filthy rich into your very own front room with the new Bravia X9 ultra HD TV from Sony.

Sony Bravia 4K Tiger

Also known as 4K, Ultra HD is the future of display technology. It offers four times the resolution of full HD and is jam-packed with millions of pixels.

As Sony says: "Once you've seen the world in 4K Ultra High Definition, there's no looking back."

But like all the best things in life - Champagne, vintage Jaguars and red-carpet A-List events - 4K has so far been enjoyed by a pretty exclusive club. The first TVs featuring the technology were designed for big rooms and wallets in strictly the rudest of health.

But now Sony has changed all that by giving us everyday folk a golden ticket to the future of vision with 55 and 65-inch 4K TVs that are living-room friendly and significantly easier on the wallet.

As well as down-scaling the size of 4K, Sony has also made the price more family friendly - the 55inch set is around £4,000.

Learn about 4K with the Bravia X9

The Bravia X9 outstrips the resolution of regular full HD sets four-fold. It boasts 3840x2160p compared to the 1080p of regular full HD sets.

With twice the vertical resolution the idea is the picture is twice as sharp.

Bravia Angle

The X9 packs eight million pixels into its 55 and 65-inch frames - enough to give a shop full of Milions sweets a run for its money.

Why should I be bothered about pixels? Well, in the same way points make prizes, pixels make bloomin' good pictures. The more pixels you have, the better the image on your screen - sharper, clearer and sporting cleaner lines. 

As one CNET editor said of the X9 at CES 2013 "it looks really good, it's extremely colourful and as you'd expect it's really, really sharp".

Climb aboard the 4K revolution

Programmes broadcast in native 4K will obviously play in Ultra HD on the TVs.

Sony has also developed a media player boasting 10 films and a collection of video shorts in 'true 4K resolution', while it's also making available a library of movies and TV shows in 4K.

However, regular native 4K content is still a while off, so Sony has baked in up-scaling to the new Bravia sets.

This means when you're watching a DVD or Blu-ray recorded in full HD, the TV will automatically give it a 4K paint job.

So, prepare to see your favourite films and characters in TV shows rendered in colour and detail that is simply gob-smacking. If you thought Kristen Stewart looked good in HD, wait 'til you see her in 4K.

Although there's not much native 4K content around yet, it's most definitely on its way - and when it arrives proper it will revolutionise the experience of watching TV at home.

FIFA and Sony are currently filming a selection of Confederations Cup football matches to help decide whether to shoot next year's World Cup in 4K.

"By showing we can do it live, broadcasters will become confident in a 4K World Cup. Then FIFA can make a decision," Mark Grinyer, Sony's programme manager for the 2014 tournament told the Hollywood Reporter.  

When watching sport on the X9 the only Blur in the room will be the Parklife album on your shelf. It boasts Motion Flow technology to keep the action clear and sharp - even when the fastest wingers are on the ball.

But it's not all about balls.

The BBC is shooting nature series Survival in 4K, rendering stunning landscapes even more majestic than they are in real life.

Pictures so real you can almost taste them

While we're going back to nature, let's use it to showcase Sony's new Triluminos display technology - the widest colour spectrum it's ever offered.
When watching the latest sprawling nature epic on the BBC, expect paradise islands surrounded by waters so blue it feels as though your toes are being washed by the lapping surf.

With sparkling turquoise oceans and lush green forests, let the technology pull you from your Sunday night torpor and bring you so close to nature you can almost smell the dew on the leaves.

4K redefined for your living room wall

4K dominated proceedings at the International CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, hogging most of the headlines with giant 84inch TVs boasting pictures so clear and sharp it was like looking through a window on the kind of perfect summer's day that no longer exists in this country.

The humongous sets were beautiful enough to make a grown man weep, but they're best suited to pretty big living rooms.

Sony's new Bravia 4K sets squeeze the same 4K technology into a frame that will look at home whether you live a small terrace, a two-bed flat or a detached country pad.

Sony Bravia 4K Slim
Sony Bravia X9 is not just about 4K - NFC, 3D and pretty cool speakers

Of course, the TV has more than display technology to keep you satisfied.

It harnesses near field communication so you can pair it with your smartphone and watch films stored on your handset via the TV. The video clips will of course be up-scaled by the Bravia too.

At first glance it looks like Sony has eschewed the current vogue for ultra-slim bezels. However, upon closer inspection you'll see the oversized side panels house a massive set of speakers.

Bravia 4K Speakers

The Magnetic Fluid speakers are welded into the bezel and boast 2.2 channel sound and 65 watts output - well, you wouldn't play a 1967 Fender Telecaster through a 15 watt beginners' amp, or pair a Paul Smith suit with a pair of Primark shoes.

The wrap - the future delivered to your front room

Sony says these aren't the speakers we're used to.

When you consider the facts: 4K resolution in a 55-inch frame, regular HD content upscaled to 4K, eight million pixels, NFC pairing - this isn't the TV we're used to.

Sony Bravia X9: redefining the future of TV for your front room today.

It's time to climb on board the revolution, which clearly will be televised. Book your guided in-store tour today. 

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