Sony Xperia 1 hands on

Like your movies? Then this is the one.

07 Jun 2019

If you were to list the specs on a smartphone that are most important to you, we have an inkling that the screen and camera would both be somewhere near the top. And by the looks of it, Sony feels the same.

In fact, the Sony Xperia 1 is a film lover/maker’s absolute dream come true. But we’ll get to all that in a minute. First, let’s go in for a closer look at that stunning design…


Seamless and sleek design

The first thing we noticed was that the Xperia 1 is very tall with a body that’s slender and narrow. To say it feels great to hold is an understatement.

It’s so thin and lightweight but Sony hasn’t scrimped on the materials. No, no - the front and back of this phone is covered in super-tough Corning Gorilla Glass, and there’s a metal frame in the middle.


World’s first smartphone with 4K HDR OLED display

  • Large 6.5-inch screen
  • Same 21:9 aspect ratio as the cinema
  • Cinematic multi-dimensional Dolby Atmos® sound

There’s so much to love about the display on this phone. Let’s break it down for you. For starters, it’s not just wide, it’s CinemaWide. Literally, it’s huge – sizing up at a whopping 6.5 inches.

It’s OLED HDR as well, which means everything is bright and practically popping off the screen. And with a 21:9 ratio – the format that movies are generally recorded in – you can stream films exactly as the creators intended.

In fact, most Netflix content is available in 21:9, so binging on your morning commute will be crystal clear and out of this world. The person sat next to you won’t be able to keep their eyes off your screen!


Take photos like a pro

  • Triple lens main camera
  • 2x optical zoom
  • 4K HDR movie recording
  • 8MP selfie camera

Three lenses are better than one, and with the Xperia 1’s triple lens main camera you’ll take photos that look positively breath-taking. All three cameras are 12MP – one is telephoto while the other packs an ultra wide-angle lens.

Sure, the Xperia 1 takes awesome snaps but when it comes to shooting video, it’s truly next level. The built-in Cinema Pro app lets you shoot film footage in 21:9 with a range of tools like frame rate, white balance, lens size, shutter speed and resolution. This phone’s video camera can turn anyone into a filmmaker.


Under the hood

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • 3,330mAh battery
  • Fast charging
  • 129GB inbuilt storage

If you like everything to run nice and smoothly with buckets of power, the Sony Xperia 1 is exactly what you need in your pocket.

The Snapdragon 855 chipset is as high-end as you can get – hence why the Camera app is such a pro. It’s great for gameplay too. We couldn’t put it down. There’s loads of storage space inside too. Photos, apps, films – you name it, you can pop it on your Xperia 1 to enjoy on the go.

Heard of Android 9? This operating system cleverly adapts to how you use it. It’s super intuitive. For example, it’ll get your favourite playlist ready as soon as you plug in your headphones. And lo and behold, Android 9 is what the Sony Xperia 1 uses.

If you love watching films (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) you should seriously consider switching to the Sony Xperia 1.

Order the Sony Xperia 1 from Carphone Warehouse now.

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