Store more inside your fridge with Samsung's SpaceMax technology

Smart engineering means more room inside, less space outside!

26 Mar 2021

Your family’s growing, but your kitchen… not so much. It can be really frustrating when you want to upgrade your household tech, but you just don’t have the room to get it all in. Often, it means you have to do smaller shops and take more trips to the supermarket. Not only is it a faff, but you’ll probably end up spending more on food that way.

Well, Samsung feel your pain. It’s why they’ve built their new fridge freezer with SpaceMax technology- so you can fit more in without sacrificing your space. Your food is fresh, your wallet’s happy and your kitchen stays roomy!

What is SpaceMax technology?

In a nutshell, SpaceMax tech allows Samsung fridges and fridge freezers to have much thinner walls than your average fridge. The size on the outside stays the same so the fridge doesn’t look any bigger. But inside you’ve got more space for all your tasty treats.


How does SpaceMax technology work?

Fridge with Samsung's SpaceMax technology

Having thinner walls may not sound like a great feat of engineering, but it really is. Usually fridge walls need a certain level of thickness to insulate everything inside, keeping your food cool and fresh. If a fridge isn’t insulated enough, your food is going to go off a lot faster. Or you’re going to see a jump in your energy bills as your fridge goes into overdrive trying to keep things cold.

Samsung have managed to get the balance right between their fridges’ efficiency and capacity. They did it by tweaking the usual insulating material fridges use so that it’s almost 10% more efficient. Plus, they added special vacuum panels to make it even harder for cool air to escape.

All this has shaved precious millimetres off the size of the door and the panels. Doesn’t sound like a lot? Well, as a general rule of thumb, every 1-millimetre decrease in the insulation’s thickness translates to a massive 10 litre increase in the fridge’s capacity. So every bit counts!


Interested? Try this Samsung American-Style Fridge Freezer

Thanks to its SpaceMax tech, this Samsung fridge freezer can store a ton of food. An impressive 402 litres in the fridge and 207 litres in the freezer, to be exact. So wave goodbye to playing food shop Tetris!

Plus it’s kitted out with Twin Cooling Plus. This other nifty bit of tech helps control the temperature and airflow in your fridge. Your food stays fresher for longer and is less likely to go off or get stale. And if you’ve got some pretty pungent leftovers or a pongy cheese, no worries. Twin Cooling Plus also stops food smells mixing, so everything tastes just as it should.

Sick of storing ice bags in the freezer? Not only is it a pain when you run out, but it also takes up precious space that ice cream could be occupying. Well, never fear, because this fridge has a non-plumbed water and ice dispenser. At the touch of a button you get cold water, crushed or cubed ice. And because it’s non plumbed it’s easy to install.


Check out the Samsung American Style Fridge Freezer here.

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