Stronger Wi-Fi: How a beamforming router can beat internet slowdown

Is your download speed slowing you down? Or do you get stuck buffering when streaming? We’ve got several options for boosting your Wi-Fi…

26 Jul 2017


With loads of demanding devices and those annoying Wi-Fi blackspots in your home, it’s no wonder your wireless connection can be a bit dodgy.

Luckily, improving your signal strength is easy with these 3 options…


1. Connect important devices directly: Powerlines

Wi-Fi is really useful when you’re wandering around the house on your phone or streaming Netflix in the kitchen. But stationary devices like your desktop computer, games console or Smart TV rely on a strong internet connection and can really benefit from a wired connection via a Powerline.


How does it work?

Powerlines use your home's electrical plug sockets to transfer your internet signal around your house. Plug one in near the router and another near the device you’re connecting, then simply connect a network cable from the Powerline adapter to your device. Because the connection is wired, it should be more consistent and stable than a wireless signal.


Why not try…

You can get extended Wi-Fi at the touch of a button by plugging in the TP-LINK AV600 Wireless Powerline Adapter Kit.

TP Link Wireless powerline adapter

It uses your normal electrical sockets to give you a more reliable internet connection. Plus, you can pair extra adapters to cover your whole house.

Get the TP-LINK AV600


2. Get rid of Wi-Fi blackspots: Whole Home Wi-Fi

We’ve all got that one area of the house that doesn’t get any Wi-Fi signal. But you don’t have to put up with it. Whole Home Wi-Fi pretty much does what it says on the tin – it extends your Wi-Fi to cover your whole home.


How does it work?

Instead of having just one router, Whole Home Wi-Fi systems use several units that you can place throughout your home. These connect wirelessly, with each one finding the best channel to broadcast your Wi-Fi signal. As they can cover much more space, you can get online faster, anywhere in your home.


Why not try…

Get started with Google’s Whole Home WiFi System. Google Whole home Wifi

It’s dual-band, so you get a great connection for each of your devices, and the app makes managing connections easy. It also automatically updates itself so you won’t need to worry about security.


4. Stronger and more direct Wi-Fi: AC routers and beamforming

AC routers provide fast and strong wireless networks. So, if you’re planning to use your laptop around the house, or stream Netflix shows on your tablet in bed, an AC router with beamforming technology will give your Wi-Fi signal a boost and get rid of buffering.


How does it work?

Regular routers send data out in all directions – so the overall strength of the signal is weaker. Beamforming directly targets signal to the devices that need it – creating a much stronger connection. This works even if you move your device around the house – it’ll let the router know where it is and adapt to always find the best signal path.


Why not try…

One AC router that uses beamforming technology is the Netgear Nighthawk. NetGear NightHawk

If you’re using your phone, laptop and tablet, this router will assign each device its own Wi-Fi band for smooth and reliable browsing – whichever room you’re in.

Get the Netgear Nighthawk 


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