Super clean sounds from LG

LG’s new earphones combine amazing sound with some clever cleaning tech

17 Nov 2020

Do you remember life before wired headphones? Constant tangles to unpick, wires to worry about and as for work outs? Well, you’d be lucky if your earphones weren’t yanked out mid lunge. True Wireless Bluetooth tech has been a godsend for audiophiles and gym bunnies everywhere.

And with LG’s new true wireless TONE Free FN4 and FN6 earphones joining the party, we couldn’t wait to see what LG had in store. So, listen up!


Music to your ears

When wireless headphones were first released, there was a lot of talk about whether we were sacrificing sound quality for novelty. But LG is taking sound seriously by partnering up with experts Meridian – who’ve been in the business since 1977. These small earphones come packed with Spatial Processing. What does that mean? It’s a technology that gives you amazingly immersive sound – so much so that you might forget you’ve got earphones in!

You can switch up your sound with four preset modes – including Immersive, Natural, Bass Boost and Treble Boost – so you’ve got the perfect sound, whether that’s bassy beats or that unmissable podcast.


Noise you control

If you’re out and about or just getting down to some work, it’s great to have the ability to control what sounds you let in. With Ambient Sound Mode, noise reduction technology kicks in and blocks out surrounding disturbances. So, you can get lost in your fave podcast or playlist without the distractions. If you want to let it the outside world, just tap.

And it’s not just about cancelling noise, making it perfect for you is all part of it. Download the TONE Free app and you tweak the EQ settings until it sounds perfect. And while you’ve got the app open, you can even find your earbuds if you’ve left them somewhere. Clever stuff!

Sounds clean

More than ever, we’re more conscious of keeping clean. And that’s where some really clever tech rides to the rescue. Pop your FN6’s into their charging case and 99% of bacteria is zapped away thanks to UV Cleaning. This is a great feature because, be honest, how many of us get around to giving our earphones a proper clean?


Battery life that lasts

If there’s a possible downside to going wireless, it’s that you have to keep an eye on battery levels. Fortunately, LG have got this right. You’ll get a total of 18 hours battery life on one charge – that’s 6 hours from the earbuds and a further 12 hours when they’re popped back in their charging cradles.

And even when the juice is running low, you can get a whole hour of extra playtime on just a 5-minute charge.


Sorted for sport

While the lack of wires means you can run without bouncing wires or jump on a machine without worrying about a tangle, LG’s new earphones both have IPX4 rating – which means they’re water and sweat resistant. So, pop in your earphones, get lost in your fave motivational playlist and put in a proper session! Don’t sweat it.

Easy to control

No need to fumble for buttons. You can do everything from skip tracks to change the volume with just a few taps. And if you’re looking for that track? You can find that perfect playlist just by asking with Siri or Google Assistant.


Top rated

It’s not just us who rate these highly either. The FN6 earphones got a 4.5 star review with a glowing Trusted Reviews Recommended award to boot.


Want yours?

Check out the LG TONE Free FN6 and LG TONE Free FN4 now.

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