The best energy efficient fridge freezers

Our pick of five fridge freezers with outstanding energy ratings…

23 Jun 2020

Looking for a new fridge freezer? If you’d like to cut down on bills while your food chills, an energy efficient fridge freezer is worth thinking about.

The best energy rating for a fridge freezer is an A+++ energy rating. The rating system is based on the amount of energy your fridge freezer uses compared to the amount of internal space. Other factors that affect the rating are a) how low the temperature can reach in each compartment can go, and b) if a frost-free setting is included.

To make sure your fridge freezer saves energy and runs efficiently, you should try and keep the fridge temperature between 3°C and 5°C, and the freezer at around -18 °C. You should also avoid putting hot food in your fridge - it takes more energy to cool it down.

So, what is the most energy efficient freezer out there? We’ve come up with five great choices that are hard to beat…

Bosch series 4 fridge freezer


Let’s start with an affordable fridge freezer. The Bosch series 4 fridge freezer comes with a fast freezing function called Freeze Fast, which is great for getting smaller loads of food down to temperature quickly and efficiently.

It also has a handy BigBox frozen food drawer for larger packages. The Bosch series 4 fridge freezer has an A+++ energy rating, and you know what that means - this fridge freezer’s power consumption is the most efficient around.

Buy the Bosch series 4 fridge freezer


LG GBB62PZGFN fridge freezer


This LG fridge freezer is another with an A+++ energy rating. If you’re looking for an affordable fridge freezer with the best energy rating around, it’s a great pick.

Fridge freezer sizes vary a lot, and this is one of the larger ones. And with clever features like a two-way folding shelf, you can easily store big and awkward items. There’s also some clever tech working behind the scenes - LINEARCooling and DoorCooling+ help the fridge freezer maintain an even temperature and chill food and drink quickly - so everything’s kept in great condition.

Buy the LG GBB62PZGFN fridge freezer


Samsung RB38R7839B1 fridge freezer


What about going for a Samsung upright fridge freezer? We’d describe the Samsung RB38R7839B1 as a low cost fridge freezer packed with smart features. Need extra freezing space? Trying to squeeze too much stuff into the fridge? No worries - the CoolSelect Plus Zone can switch to a fridge or a freezer at the flick of a switch, and you can adjust the temperature to what you need.

Then there’s the ‘Total No Frost’ feature, which means it never builds up ice. If you’re looking for a good frost free upright freezer, this is it.

And of course, the Samsung RB38R7839B1 fridge freezer an energy saving fridge freezer with that unbeatable A+++ energy rating.

Buy the Samsung RB38R7839B1 fridge freezer


Smeg FAB32LBL3UK fridge freezer


The Smeg retro style fridge freezer looks fantastic, and has an A+++ energy efficiency rating. Fridge freezers don’t come any better looking than this, and it’ll really transform the look and feel of your kitchen.

If your weekly shop usually has lots of fresh food to freeze, this is the fridge freezer you need. The Fast Freeze function quickly freezes food, locking in more nutrients and helping everything to stay tasting great.

And don’t worry about defrosting, ever. The Smeg FAB32LBL3UK has a frost-free feature that prevents any build-up of ice.

Buy the Smeg FAB32LBL3UK fridge freezer



Liebherr CBNPGB4855 fridge freezer


Our final choice is another one of the most energy efficient upright freezers around – the A+++ rated Liebherr CBNPGB4855 slimline fridge freezer.

If you’re sick of defrosting, ‘No Frost’ freezes things speedily without any build-up of ice. And then there’s the BioFresh feature – this gives your food the perfect humidity and temperature, so it keeps for longer. For example, carrots will stay in good condition for an additional 30 days, and cheese lasts up to 100 days longer. That can really save you money in the long run.

Buy the Liebherr CBNPGB4855 fridge freezer


More energy efficient fridge freezers


If you’re looking for more choice, our range includes some of the best energy rated fridge freezers around. Just remember to look out for that A+++ fridge freezer energy rating!

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