The best gaming accessories for every console

Console? check. TV? check. Game face on? Double check.

27 Apr 2020

But if you’re ready to push your gaming to the next level (pardon the pun) there are a few accessories you can get your hands on to make things really special.

From controllers to seats, there’s a load of tech out there designed specifically for gamers. With so much available though, it can be hard to know what to go for. So we rounded up this quick fire list for you.


For Xbox enthusiasts:

Xbox One Game Pass Ultimate - 3 months

This is a must-have for gamers interested in PvP (player vs player) games- for 3 months get a Game Pass and Xbox Live. That means 100s of games and Xbox exclusive launches along with the ability to play them online with mates. Sorted!


Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller

If you’re looking to get the edge over your enemies in Call of Duty, this controller’ll help you do it. It’s made for super speedy reactions, with triggers that let you fire faster and upgraded adjustable thumbsticks that let you be even more precise with your aim.


For Playstation players:

Venom Twin Docking Station

Cables, cables everywhere. Well, not any more.  Just plug the micro USB dongles into your PS4 and it’ll charge your controllers. It charges fast and is super easy to use, so you won’t spend time fiddling with it to get your controllers to fit.


PlayStation VR Starter Pack

Ever wanted to actually BE in the world of your favourite characters? Well this starter pack will give you access to immersive 360 play right on your PS4. It comes with everything you need: a VR headset, VR Worlds which gives you 5 different VR experiences, and a camera so you can stream to your heart’s content.


PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscription

Aside from access to online gaming and plenty of PS games, this subscription gives you 100GB of cloud storage. Don’t lug your console around – all your save data’s on the cloud so you can pick up where you left off on any other PS4.


For Nintendo ninjas:

Nintendo Switch Online 12 Month Membership

A whole year of being able to play tons of Nintendo Switch and classic NES games online. That’s plenty of content to keep you occupied and connected with your friends and players anywhere and everywhere. Like with the PS Plus subscription, you’ll also be able to save all your games to the cloud!


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

If you love your Nintendo Switch, but are looking for a more comfortable, responsive controller for serious gaming, this controller’s got your back. You can also use it with Nintendo amiibo figures: just tap them on the controller to get extra bonuses and see them come alive in- game.


Nintendo Switch Accessory Set

Seriously useful if you want to keep your Switch in top condition, this accessory set includes a carry case and screen protector that’ll stop any scratches, spills, or accidental bumps from getting in the way of your play.


For all of you gaming gurus:

Turtle Beach Recon 200 Amplified Gaming Headset

Incredibly clear sound and a high-quality mic make sure that you never have to worry about hearing or being heard in your game. There’s no need to risk a row with the neighbours and pump up the volume on your TV, get boosted sound through the memory foam earcups for up to 12 hours with its long battery life.


Brazen Python Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Chair

A good quality gaming chair makes you feel like you’re right in the action. With this Brazen model, you get two Bluetooth speakers and sub-woofer for surround sound in complete comfort. Never let an in-game enemy get the drop on you again.


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