The best smart tech at CES 2019

CES is packed out with AI-powered smart tech, with devices using Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa leading the way...

14 Jan 2019

Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting pieces of smart tech that have hit the show floor at CES 2019

Google Assistant smart tech



LG might have arrived a little late to the party with its entry into the smart-display market, but late arrivals often like to make a bit of a statement – and the XBOOM certainly does that. The Gadget Show tell us more...


The bright, 8-inch HD touch-screen looks crisp and clear (of course…it’s LG) and it comes with Google Assistant so it can handle all your voice commands. It also has Google’s Chromecast built in, so you can play shows and movies on the XBOOM by hitting the Cast button in your smartphone or tablet – perfect for following recipes in the kitchen or catching up on your favourite Netflix show.

But it’s the sound that gives it the edge over the competition. LG has squeezed in not just one, but two, powerful 20-watt speakers. Developed in partnership with UK audio specialists Meridian, the sound is rich, well balanced and above all, loud.


GE Kitchen Hub Smart Hood

Take your cooking skills to the next level, and stay entertained when you’re in the kitchen.

This stunning 27-inch smart display is designed to fit just above your kitchen range. You can use it to start cooking like a pro with recipes and tutorials, and you can also keep yourself entertained. Stream music or movies, start a video chat, keep up to date on all your social networks... this smart hub lets you do it all. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s got built-in ventilation to keep your kitchen air clean.

In the meantime, here’s our range of cooker hoods


Lenovo Smart Clock

Rise and shine! Or if you prefer, just say “Google, hit the snooze button.”

Lenovo smart clock
Photo credit: Lenovo

Google has teamed up with Lenovo to bring some smart control to your bedside table. The Lenovo Smart Clock is an attractive little display with a grey fabric finish, and it lets you set alarms, stream music through its Bluetooth speakers and control other Google-compatible smart home products with your voice.

If you’re not the sort of person that leaps out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off, not a problem – you can set the alarm sounds and screen brightness to slowly increase over 30 minutes, for a much more civilised way to start the day.


C by GE smart lighting

Versatile smart lighting that lets you dim things inside, or fire up the outdoor floodlights

C by GE’s newest smart bulbs and switches have been designed with Google in mind. The lighting specialist unleashed a huge range of products at CES 2019, all of which can be controlled directly through Google Assistant.

The most eye-catching products on display were the colour-changing smart bulbs, floodlights and rope lights, and by the end of the year the company will release new smart plugs, dimmer switches and motion sensors – pretty much all you need for complete smart home control.

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Amazon Alexa smart tech


Ring Home Security

Smarten up your home security, and get alerts straight to your smartphone

ring door view cam
Photo credit: Ring

Ring has had a busy time of it at CES 2019, unveiling a whole stack of Alexa-controlled smart security devices.

For starters, there’s the Ring Door View Cam. This smart video doorbell lets you speak to whoever’s at your door, and stream live video to your Echo Show, Echo Spot, or Alexa-enabled Fire Tablet.

Ring also revealed a selection of sensors for the Ring Alarm, including monitors for smoke, carbon monoxide, flooding and freezing. Plus, you’re now able to lock and unlock any smart locks that are connected to the Ring Alarm.

Then there’s Ring Smart Lighting. This new range includes spotlights, floodlights and path lights, all with motion detection that can trigger lights and cameras, and send an alert straight to your smartphone.

Take a look at our current smart home security products


Dux Bed

Sleep soundly with Alexa, and make your pillow talk smarter.

Alexa is coming to a bed near you. If you’ve got a few thousand pounds to shell out on a luxury Dux bed with Stellé smart speakers, that is.

So, what does a connected bed actually do? Well, with smart speakers built into the frame of the bed, you can issue all sorts of commands and requests without lifting your head from the cushion. You can control other smart bedroom products like lights, blinds and baby monitors. And if it’s feeling a bit nippy in the morning, you can ask Alexa to turn up the heating on your smart thermostat before you venture out of bed.

Want a warmer bedroom? View our smart heating products


Numi 2.0 Smart Toilet

Sitting comfortably? Smart control for your throne is on its way…

Smart toilet
Photo credit: Kohler

Last, but by no means least, here’s an Alexa-controlled toilet. Because let’s face it, your current toilet is far from smart.

With the Numi 2.0 smart toilet, you’ll be able to call up all the usual Alexa skills, like playing your favourite relaxing music. And the flush is voice activated too, in case you were wondering.

And there’s more. To make this toilet even more spectacular you’ve got a heated seat, foot warmer, built-in cleaning and drying sprays, and (our particular favourite) LED lighting that dynamically changes colour. What more could you need?


AI news from Samsung and LG

Samsung and LG have also been talking up their own AI voice assistants at CES 2019.

Bixby is Samsung's virtual assistant. It’s currently only featured on its Galaxy smartphones, but there are plans for Bixby to appear on all sorts of other products. Expect to see it soon on Samsung’s QLED and premium TVs, smart speakers, refrigerators, washing machines and more.

ThinQ is the name of LG’s virtual assistant. During the Korean tech giant’s keynote speech at CES 2019, plans were announced for it to be a part of its upcoming TVs, refrigerators and cars. But as far as CES 2019 goes, Google Assistant and Amazon Echo smart products reign supreme.

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