What are the best speakers that have the Google Assistant?

Looking for the best way to control your music? We’ve got you sorted…

23 Aug 2019

Did you know that Google Assistant is now compatible with a whopping 10,000+ devices?

While that’s obviously pretty cool, it can make it hard to know what the best devices for your home are. With so much choice, where do you start?

Worry not. We’ve gone out and found some of the best audio devices that come with Google Assistant built-in. Here are some of our faves…


Start every day with your favourite tunes, with the Lenovo Smart Clock

It may be small, but this Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant can still deliver the goods.

lenovo smart clock

Better yet, because it’s designed for the bedroom, you can organise your whole life without ever getting out of bed – literally!

Like a radio alarm clock made smarter than ever, you can programme it with your voice to wake you up with your favourite playlist, radio station or even instruct your smart bulbs to gently turn on in the morning.

You can also pair it with other smart speakers around your house to keep the music playing wherever you are – be it in the shower, making coffee in the kitchen or setting up your home office for the day.

Ready to settle down for the night? Just say “Hey Google, goodnight” and watch as your Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant does all the work – turning off your lights, setting your alarm, and helping your drift off with relaxing music…

Start your day right with the Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant


Enjoy wall-to-wall sound with the thumping Bose Home Speaker 300

Just one look at this thing tells you everything you need to know about it. A 360-degree speaker to deliver sound to every corner of the room. A powerful subwoofer to get the party going. Touch controls to give you total, quick control of the music.

bose home 300 speaker

Better yet, it even pairs with other speakers to deliver sounds throughout your house.

Plus, it comes with Google Assistant built-in, so filling your home with awesome acoustics is as simple as saying, “Hey Google, play my Summer Jams playlist.”

With up to 6 presets, you can switch between channels effortlessly. From Spotify to YouTube Music, and even Bluetooth streaming from your phone, everyone can play their favourite songs from their chosen apps.

And of course, it features all the Google Assistant functionality you love. From setting an alarm, to asking Google questions, the Bose Home Speaker 300 does it all.

Get the party started with the Bose Home Speaker 300


Superior sound in every room of your house with the Sonos One Wireless Multi-room Speaker 

You know it’s going to be good when it’s got the word ‘Sonos’ on it.

sonos one speaker

Well, this speaker comes with bombastic Trueplay technology, which analyses the room around it and figures out the best settings to deliver the highest-quality, crispest sound.

It also connects with other Sonos speakers in the same room or around the house to deliver ambient audio wherever you go.

If there’s a better way to listen to your favourite music, we haven’t heard it yet.

And of course, this speaker features Google Assistant built-in – so all it takes is a quick “Hey Google”, and just like that, your favourite music starts playing around the whole house.

Enjoy the awesome quality of the Sonos One Wireless Multi-room Speaker


Google on the go? Take the Google Assistant with you with the JBL Link 20 Portable Wireless Smart Sound Speaker

From your living room to the office, from the park to the poolside and even on a road trip – wherever you go, take the Google Assistant with you thanks to the handy JBL Link 20.

jbl link 20 speaker

With its rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivering up to 10 hours of charge, you can be sure this handy speaker will go all night. Or, just plug it in to charge it via USB – simple.

And so long as there’s Wi-Fi in range, you can stream all of your favourite songs on the go or ask questions when you’re out and about. “Hey Google, what are the best tourist attractions near my hotel?”

It’s even waterproof, so no need to worry about it getting splashed or rained on!

And of course, it’s got banging sound quality – so no matter where you are, you can enjoy all your favourite tunes in gloriously high quality.

Get out-and-about with the JBL Link 20 Portable Wireless Smart Sound Speaker


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