The Best Split Screen Games on the PS4 and Xbox One

Before the widespread permeation of broadband, it was normal to invite a friend over, take up positions on the couch and play a game together on the same TV.

18 Sep 2018

The TV would be literally split down the middle horizontally or vertically, and the word “split screen” was popularised.

But in recent times internet speeds have become so fast that it’s become easier – and quicker – to play online against someone on the other side of the world. Why waste time getting the couch looking nice and the chip and dip ready?

Well, according to our data, a lot of you still hanker for a good old-fashioned split screen session; a spot of couch multiplayer. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide examining nine great games available on the Xbox One and PS4 to play with a friend sitting right by your side. 

A Way Out

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While all the other games on this list support split screen, playing with a friend is the name of the game in A Way Out. You and a buddy take on the roles of incarcerated cell neighbours Leo and Vincent. Not only do you need to break them out of prison, but you also need to keep them away from the authorities while on the run. There’s plenty to love here, not least the way the onus is on cooperation.

Forza Motorsport 7

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There’s nothing like throwing a million-pound car around a track while racing a friend within eyeshot. If you’re an Xbox One owner, Forza Motorsport 7 is the game to do it on. Featuring more than 700 true-to-life cars, this is a petrol head’s dream realised in stunning high definition.

Rocket League

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The beauty of Rocket League is that within seconds you can be thrashing cars around the stadium, “dribbling” with the ball and trying to score that perfect goal while dodging opposing players. This football-game-with-cars is perfect for playing in short bursts and supports up to four friends on one TV.

Call of Duty: WW2

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The bestselling franchise returned to its roots last year with a story set on the frontlines of the Second World War. While the white-knuckle story mode is a solo ride, the frenetic multiplayer modes are split-screen compatible, supporting two players side by side. Bring a fellow COD fan along and sign up for duty together.

Star Wars Battlefront II

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Though primarily designed to be played with friends over the internet, Star Wars Battlefront 2 does make a concession to social gamers. You can play with friends on the same TV in an offline arcade mode, facing-off against enemies controlled by the computer. The PC version of Battlefront 2 doesn’t offer this, so it’s only something Xbox One and PS4 owners can enjoy.


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One of the best split screen Xbox One games available, Minecraft supports 4 concurrent players. Shop the Explorers Pack and get the basic game and a host of DLC goodies. Gather resources, craft supplies, and fend off enemies as you build a world of your own.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

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Say hello to the planet of Pandora, a sand-strewn hunk of rock where warring factions collide and loot waits to be found. Pandora is the star of the Borderlands games, and you’ll get lost exploring this madcap world. The Handsome Collection comes with not one but two entries in the series (the stand-out Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel) and better yet, there’s four-player split screen support for both.

Halo: Master Chief Collection

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For collectors, completionists and Halo fans the world over, the Master Chief Collection is a must. It bundles the remaster of Halo 1 and Halo 2 alongside the trilogy-concluding Halo 3 and one of the best-looking games of all time, Halo 4. The two latter titles support a quartet of players, while the earlier games can squeeze 2 players onto the same screen.

Gears of War 4

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Hoorah! A game designed with split screen in mind! Boot up Gears 4 and save humanity with a friend at your side. The entire story supports split screen. Alternatively, enjoy 4-player multiplayer mayhem with three other friends gawking at the screen.

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