The Nespresso Vertuo: barista-style coffee in 4 sizes

Struggling to choose between an espresso machine and a coffee maker? With the Nespresso Vertuo, you can try both…

21 Oct 2017

Nespresso is famous for its great tasting espresso. But for some, the intensity of an espresso is just a bit too much. Step forward, the Vertuo. 

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This innovative new technology from Nespresso meets every coffee lover’s need. Whether you want a quick espresso to wake you up or a large mug of coffee to get you through the afternoon, the Vertuo delivers barista-style coffee at a touch.


Quick, fresh coffee in four cup sizes

If you crave an extra few minutes in bed in the morning, you’ll love the Vertuo’s quick and easy operation. It heats up in 15-20 seconds and all you have to do is pick what coffee you want and press a button - fresh coffee in less than a minute with no mess.

Whatever size of coffee you prefer, there’s a Vertuo capsule to match your mood:

  • For traditionalists, an Espresso (40ml) is perfect at any time of day
  • If you hanker after a longer drink, the Gran Lungo (150ml) offers the intensity of an espresso in a larger cup
  • Sometimes you just want to curl up with a Mug (230ml) of coffee and watch the world go by
  • For thirsty coffee lovers, the Alto (414ml) will keep you going through the longest commute


Check out the stylish black Nespresso by Krups Vertuo nespresso vertuo front

Brewing the perfect coffee every time

Working out the correct ratio of coffee grounds to water can be too much to think about first thing in the morning. With the Vertuo you won’t have to.

The Vertuo has an inbuilt barcode recognition system. This means when you pop in a Vertuo capsule it scans the barcode and adjusts the flow of water, temperature and infusion time automatically. This unique extraction process optimises the brewing process to give you consistently great coffee.

With 19 different coffee blends available - including various flavoured roasts and decaffeinated options - there’s something to suit every taste. Each coffee has been developed for a particular cup size to give the optimum intensity and flavour. If you’re not sure which blend is for you, the Vertuo comes with a sampler pack of 12 different capsules to get you started.


Make coffee for all the family with the Nespresso by Magimix VertuoPlus in black or silver


Get a flawless crema every time

A good crema is the sign of a good espresso. All Vertuo espressos and coffees are topped with a rich, generous crema thanks to the patented Centrifusion™ technology.

When you place a capsule into the machine it’s spun at up to 7000 rotations per minute. At the same time, hot water shoots into the capsule, blending with the coffee to create a smooth coffee with a creamy foam.

If you prefer milk with your coffee, you can still get a perfect crema with Reverso. Pour 50ml of cold milk into your mug and extract the coffee on top. The result: a milky crema and a velvety smooth coffee.

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Brew, drink, recycle

If you love the taste of fresh coffee but feel uncomfortable about the used capsules piling up in your kitchen, then you’ll be pleased to know that Vertuo capsules are fully recyclable.

The capsules are made from virgin aluminium and are designed to keep your coffee fresh by sealing it from light, air and humidity.

Aluminium is an infinitely recyclable material, meaning your used capsules can be reused again and again. You can drop off your used capsules at a number of local collection points (including Collect+ and Doodle UK locations) or a Nespresso boutique, or even arrange a collection from your doorstep.


Optimise space in your kitchen

The Vertuo has a 1.2-litre capacity and is one of the most stylish coffee machines on the market. But if you’ve got a family of coffee drinkers, the larger 1.7-litre moveable water tank on the VertuoPlus will come in handy. You can position the tank to the back or either side of the coffee machine to help it fit into your kitchen.


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