The perfect roast: cooking tech to make it taste amazing

We’ve picked out three ovens which will help you create a roast dinner the professionals would be proud of.

16 Jan 2019

A roast dinner is one of life’s great pleasures. Here are three ways to get it tasting amazing, with the help of the latest oven tech.


Adjusting the temperature to master the meal

It can be tricky knowing when your food is cooked through. Well, not anymore. AEG’s SenseCook feature takes the guesswork out of cooking the perfect roast, so you can cook with confidence. It’s all thanks to this oven’s built-in food sensor.

AEG SenseCook BPE842720M

Simply tell the oven what you'd prefer - rare, medium, or well done, and achieve perfect results every time. It really is as simple as that.

The innovations don’t end there. This oven is self-cleaning, thanks to pyrolytic technology which saves you one of home life’s most labouring chores. Any cooking residue is reduced to ash, so all you have to do is wipe it clean once it has cooled down.

Great tasting roasts await with the AEG SenseCook BPE842720M Electric Oven


Matching everyone’s taste all at once

Your Sunday roast will never be the same again. This oven will help you create roast dinners for everyone, so no one will be left feeling unsatisfied.

Samsung ovens boast the impressive Dual Cook™ technology, which will help you cook at two different temperatures at the same time in one oven. A roast dinner might be made of so many different components, but this oven will make sure everything is perfectly ready when it’s time to dish up.

Samsung Dual Cook Electric Oven

Use your divider shelf to divide up the oven into different sections, with different temperatures for each.

With a flexible door that is hinged in the middle and opens in two parts, you can check on the food cooking in the top compartment without losing heat in the bottom.

And to save energy, you can also use your divider to heat up a smaller area.

And finally, with catalytic liners, which break down grease and oil at high temperatures, all you need to do is simply brush it off.

Great roasts, energy saving and easy to clean – this oven’s a dream.

Get the Samsung Dual Cook Flex NV75N5641RS Electric Oven


Using pro cooking techniques without pro effort

Move over substandard roasts. This oven will help you serve up scrumptious dinners that everyone will love.

NEFF Electric Ovens feature a powerful fan which provides a beautifully even cook – and it’ll take less time to cook up your masterpiece.

NEFF B57CR22N0B Slide and Hide Electric Oven

It’s just so spacious, and it’s packed with plenty of functions that make cooking easy.

One of the things you’ll love about this oven is hot air grilling, which cooks your ingredients thoroughly inside and out while crisping the top, so it's especially good for meat and pork dishes. Just think of crispy spuds and crunchy crackling. Bliss…

And when dinner’s done, pyrolytic cleaning allows the oven to effectively clean itself by burning residue away.

It’s discreet, easy to clean and most importantly, will give you amazing roasts.

Buy NEFF B57CR22N0B Slide and Hide Electric Oven


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