The right tech for YouTube success

Sometimes all you need is the right tech. That’s why we created the ‘Ignition Moment’, and helped one lucky winner bring their YouTube idea to life…

27 Sep 2017

Meet Nikki

Nikki has always had a passion for gaming and when she started a family she knew she wanted to share it with her kids too. The whole family enjoys it, especially son Chase who has cerebral palsy. Gaming is a really important way for the family to spend time together, with the added benefit that it allows Chase to have experiences, such as driving, that he might not otherwise be able to take part in.

Realising how much gaming helped Chase come out of his shell, Nikki decided she wanted to set up a YouTube channel to share gaming ideas and demonstrate its accessibility for all. 

She explained, ‘I really wanted to promote accessible gaming and show other families with disabled children what games are out there, as well as tell them about the various charities that can support them.’

Nikki - Get Started Winner

Nikki’s Ignition Moment…

‘I knew our family could provide others with inspiration and maybe even encourage developers to make their games more accessible by sharing our experiences’. Nikki entered the Currys competition launched by Ash Tailor for the chance to win the new tech set-up that would set her ambitions in motion.

Her 15-second video submission was the clear winner!

Now, with the help of a new HP Pavilion x360 2 in 1 laptop and a HP 24ea Full HD 24” IPS LED monitor, Nikki can get started with her YouTube channel: Everybody’s Gaming.

Nikki's HP laptop

‘The new tech has meant for the first time we have a way of capturing our gameplay in a super professional way – no more filming over the shoulder of everyone playing! The laptop is amazing and so fast, it's been great for helping me research ideas for the new channel, as well as editing video footage quickly and easily!’

And to help Nikki get started straightaway, we set her up with a mentor – Andy from Family Gamer TV. He’s provided help and guidance along the way so she can make her YouTube channel a hit.


What makes a good laptop for vlogging?

If you’re thinking of starring in your own videos, or even starting your own YouTube channel, you’ll need a decent laptop. It must be powerful enough to handle large files and video editing. A second monitor helps too as it allows you to multitask across the two screens. 

The HP Pavilion x360 2 in 1 has everything a budding vlogger could need. It has a powerful generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and superfast 256 GB SSD (solid state drive) so it can handle everything you need.

With it you can:

  • Produce professional results when video editing
  • Get producing quickly – it starts up quickly and can switch between apps smoothly
  • Flip it from a laptop to a tablet for working on the go – all thanks to a 360° hinge
  • Enjoy excellent sound quality thanks to B&O PLAY speakers



The HP 24ae Full HD 24” IPS LED monitor is the perfect sidekick for the HP Pavilion x360. Quickly switch between apps, research subjects and edit content with the help of this second screen. This monitor features:

  • An edge-to-edge display for true to life colour
  • Immersive visuals – thanks to 24” Full HD
  • Lightweight and thin design – perfect for use in any room


Find out more about Nikki’s new YouTube channel Everybody’s Gaming here 

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