The Samsung Galaxy Note10 gets a New York launch

We were at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event in New York to get all the news about their brand new Note10 and Note10+.

07 Aug 2019

There’s been plenty of speculation about what we can expect from the next Galaxy Note and Samsung just confirmed at its fancy New York unveiling that we’ll be getting not one, but two new Notes – Note10 and Note10+.

Now there’s a Note for everyone

It seems that Samsung has recognised that many people want the power and performance of a Galaxy Note, just in a more compact package. So now you’ve got two options.

There’s the Note10+, which is ever so slightly bigger than the previous Note, but with a staggering 6.8-inch screen thanks to an almost non-existent bezel. Then, there’s the more compact Note10 which still manages to squeeze in a very generous 6.3-inch display.

Samsung has managed to shave off almost an entire millimetre from the thickness off both handsets meaning they both measure just 7.9mm in thickness. So, despite the big and beautiful screen, you’ll barely notice it in your pocket.


A “Pro-grade Camera” for exceptional photo and video

With a three-lens set up on the back, there’s a perfect lens for every shot”, so whether you’re shooting fast-paced action shots or detailed close-ups, it’ll make all your shots look stunning.

And speaking of stunning, Note10 now enables you to add bokeh effects to your videos.

Another camera feature we can’t wait to try out is the ability to zoom in on sounds. According to Samsung “as you zoom in, both the image and the sounds come into focus” - Great for shooting action videos or capturing family clips of the kids.

Samsung has added another video feature called ‘Super Steady’, which Samsung says “puts an action camera in your smartphone”. Most phones these days have an image stabilisation feature of some kind, but we’ve never seen one quite as good as this. Even with the shakiest of hands, the video comes out super-smooth.


Cutting edge cooling technology for Note10 gaming

Note10’s intelligent game booster analyses your gaming pattern and optimises performance, helping you stay fully immersed in the experience.

Samsung has also added some very clever cooling tech in the form of “a vapour chamber that cools your phone down even when the game is heating up”.

And with all that gaming, you’ll need a super-powerful processor. How does a GPU that’s up to 42% more powerful than the previous Note sound? – You’ll get “smooth high-res graphics” from the Note10’s “super-fast processor”.


A few more key highlights from the Note10 launch event

We couldn’t quite pack the full two-hour event into a single article, so here’s a handful of extra highlights:

  • A redesigned S-Pen – now with a six-axis motion sensor so you can control your phone and apps with simple gestures
  • The “highest screen to window ratio ever” thanks to “virtually no bezels”
  • Super-fast wired charging plus support for fast wireless charging 2.0
  • A built-in video editing suite for creating movie masterpieces.

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