The top 5 new TV features you should know about

Learn to tell your 8Ks from your HDRs and upgrade your screen time

16 Jun 2020

Since we’ve been spending more time at home, it’s been a great opportunity to catch up on those top TV recommendations we never seem to get around to. And with such a huge variety of streaming services and so much great TV to choose from, that’s no bad thing. But since we’re watching ground-breaking shows, shouldn’t we have game changing TVs to enjoy them on?

If it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded your TV, you might have missed some of the amazing features modern tellies boast. And these won’t just make the latest movies look good either. We’re talking about improvements that put you in the middle of the action – whether you’re playing a game or watching your favourite soap.

Here are some brilliant things look out for…


1. 8K

8K is the latest and most powerful resolution – giving you four times the resolution of the still very impressive 4K. That crystal-clear picture gives you far more detail – so everything looks more lifelike and feels more real.


The beauty of modern TVs is that they have the AI power to do upscaling. So, while there may not be loads of 8K content out there right now, upscaling makes content looks its very best. Whether that’s the season finale of Game of Thrones or just your favourite YouTuber!

2. Bigger screens

When it comes to top quality TV screens, bigger is generally better. Because the bigger the screen, the more space you have to work with. If you’re watching sport, for example, a 65+ inch OLED screen lets you pack in more action. And the combination of sheer size and crisp detail makes you feel like you’ve got a pitch-side seat. 

But another great reason to go big is that we want more on our screens. Whether you’re flicking through Netflix or multitasking between apps, our TVs are starting to resemble our phone or laptop screens. So, more space to work with has to be a good thing.

And speaking of which…


3. Smart TV with voice control

Our tellies can now be integrated with our smart home set up, so that means we can turn off the bedroom light or turn on the air conditioning through our TV screen. Smart TVs also will work with different smart home set ups – whether that’s Google Nest, Samsung Smart Things or others.

And even if you’re not ready to go full smart home, the voice function is a godsend when you’re looking for that old favourite movie. No need to scroll through multiple streaming services, just do a quick voice search and crack open the popcorn.

4. Adaptive Picture

Sunlight streaming through the curtains is a welcome sight this time of year – unless the brightness is interfering with your Stranger Things marathon. That’s where Adaptive Picture comes in. Your TV will analyse the light in your rooms and adapt the picture accordingly. So, whatever the light conditions – you’ll get the best picture settings possible.

Adaptive Picture. Where have you been all our lives?


5. HDR

HDR, High Dynamic Range, gives you hugely improved contrast between light and dark. So, you get brighter whites, darker blacks and more subtle differences in every shade in between. What this adds up to is a big upgrade in picture quality and a picture which seems to pop off the TV screen. It’s a step closer to VR, but no headset necessary.

HDR is a must is you want to enjoy content looking its best – since so many platforms are HDR compatible. Whether that’s Netflix, Amazon Video, PS4 or Xbox One X. If you want more to be ore immersed in the shows, films and games you love, HDR is the way to go.


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