Need to impress this Christmas? The world's fastest 7-inch Android tablet will give serious kudos

Partner commute to work? With the world´s fastest 7-inch Android tablet they can browse the web, play games and take notes

07 Nov 2013

Looking to buy a tablet for a commuting husband or wife who craves power, likes things to be done fast and loves an opportunity to show off to their workmates?

With the newly launched Advent Vega Tegra Note 7, which boasts the latest NVIDIA processor, they'll be able to brag in the canteen they have the "world's fastest 7-inch Android tablet".

And it'll cost you less than £180.

But own-brand tablets have launched from Argos and Tesco in recent weeks, so why should you choose Currys's Advent Note 7 over the rest?

Because it's powered by the world's fastest mobile processor - the NVIDIA Tegra 4, meaning as well as being great for web browsing it can also handle hard-core gaming.

What's more, the palm-sized tablet is small enough to fit in their jacket pocket when commuting into the office, boasts a digital pen that allows them to scribble down notes on its screen and offers 10 hours' battery life for the canteen and train home.

Lightning fast web browsing with 'world's fastest mobile processor'

Advent Vega Tegra Landsc New

With the Tegra 4 processor  they'll enjoy 'lightning-fast web browsing' for shopping and streaming video.  While if they prefer gaming, they can look forward to "stunning visuals", according to NVIDIA.

This is backed-up by Currys tablet expert Mark Hosgood, who said it has "lightning-fast processing power and gaming capability".

It's so fast NVIDIA has even created a special store for apps brave enough to harness the speed and power of the chip.

Saving battery life at this tablet's core

Advent Vega Tegra Note Zoom Corner

We don't want to bore you with too much science, but a processor is made up of cores. These days most are dual or quad-core. The Note 7 is quad, but also has a separate fifth core.

This means the Note's a bit of a demon when it comes to battery life, and as folk mainly use mini tablets on the go, this is a major plus.  It saves battery by using the fifth core for basic everyday tasks without calling on the remaining four.

So with 10 hours' battery life they'll still be able to check out the news headlines on the train home, even if they did spend lunch showing off the tablet's speedy web browsing.

Take notes on the train or sofa with stylus pen

Advent Vega Tegra Note Angled Pen

And if they like to take down notes for work while travelling home or plan fantasy football teams or weekend shopping lists from the sofa after work, they'll love the Vega's digital pen.

Whenever and wherever inspiration strikes, they can unclip the pen from the side of the tablet and scribble down their flashes of brilliance directly onto the screen. Writing is said to be faster and the screen more responsive to touch as the stylus uses one of the processor's cores.

If they're a traditionalist with reservations about abandoning their Biro for a digital pen, they can be reassured by the 'natural' writing feel which comes as a result of 'finer point and broader stroke control' of the pen.

Super-fast, battery-boosting and under £180

Mark Hosgood, Category Manager - Tablets @ Currys, said:  "Customers want to use their tablet for more than just basic tasks like web browsing and social media which has been recognised by the likes of Kindle, Asus, Samsung and Nexus with their new more advanced products.

"Mobile gaming is growing rapidly, being productive on-the-go is more important, and users in general are conscious of choosing a device that will last.

"Hence why Advent have worked hard to source a device which should stand the test of time with it's lightning-fast processing power and gaming capability and one which reflects Currys & Currys position as the home for new and exciting technology."

If someone on your Christmas list likes to get things done fast, is always on the go and loves the opportunity for a casual bit of posturing then this is the tablet for them.

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