The Xbox Series S – what do we know?

Microsoft have finally confirmed the Series S, let’s take a closer look…

09 Sep 2020

Microsoft have stayed pretty quiet about the launch of their new Xbox, the Xbox Series S. But it’s time for fans to get excited - the silence is over! Microsoft confirmed both the design and the price of the new console on their official Twitter page on Tuesday.

The Xbox Series S is a sister console to Microsoft’s upcoming flagship next gen console, the Xbox Series X. And Microsoft did a pretty good job of keeping details quiet. Until Tuesday, there were no indications from Microsoft that the Series S even existed- only leaks from outside sources.

So what do we know? Let’s have a look.


The best things come in small packages

The most noticeable thing about the Series S? It’s size. It’ll be Xbox’s smallest console yet, small enough to actually fit inside the Series X!

From what we’ve seen so far, the Series X is slightly bigger than the Xbox One- bucking Microsoft’s usual trend for releasing smaller and smaller consoles. So it’s great to see Xbox releasing a pint-sized next gen console for those of us with a little less space.

And it’ll still come with all the things we’d expect of a next-gen console: faster load times, higher frame rates and amazing new game content to go with it. With 4x the processing power of the Xbox One it’s a real powerhouse. So don’t be fooled by it’s miniature size- the Series S still delivers even better gameplay.


No 4K needed

While 4K resolution is obviously stunning, not all of us have a TV that can handle it yet. The Series S delivers a much better framerate than the Xbox One, making graphics look smooth and seamless. So although it doesn’t have as high a resolution as the Series X, the Series S is perfect for those of us without the hardware to benefit from the Series X’s 4K graphics.


Keep it controlled

As you’d expect with any console, the Series S comes with its own controller. But this is a controller with a difference.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller has a bunch of features to make gaming marathons more comfortable. There’s improved ergonomics to keep the dreaded controller-claw at bay. Plus the textured grip on the triggers, bumpers and back are there to avoid any hand slips during crucial boss battles!

And good news for all you live-streamers – there’s a dedicated Share button so you can easily share epic campaigns with your friends and devoted followers.



Bye bye disc drive

That’s right, there’s no disc drive in sight. This means that you’ll need to download digital copies of games from the Xbox Games Store, rather than buying physical copies. This makes it more portable and you’ll still get access to all the same great content.

If you want to get your hands on the Series S then, it might be a good idea to make sure your internet connection’s up to snuff. You don’t want to spend 7 hours of valuable play time waiting for a game to download if your internet’s dodgy!

You can have a chat with one of our colleagues online or instore to find out if you’re broadband’s got what it takes… and get help to upgrade it if it doesn’t.



The official price of the Series S is £249.99 ERP. That makes it quite a bit cheaper than the Series X’s £449.99 ERP price tag.

So if you’re looking for a smaller, cheaper, more discreet console the Series S could be it.


Release date

Microsoft have confirmed that 10 November is the day we’ve all been waiting for – launch date.

You’ll be able to pre-order the Xbox Series X and S from 8am on the 22nd of September at the Currys website.

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