These new LG appliances will revolutionise your home

Make your kitchen cutting edge!

27 Sep 2019

With these fantastic new appliances from LG, you could future proof your home – and you could do it with style!

Speed up those boring routines and impress your friends with innovative, cool new features. Let’s take a look at two incredible new LG appliances…


See inside your fridge with the LG Slim InstaView Multi Door Fridge Freezer

LG Slim Instaview

Knock, knock – that’s all it takes to see inside your LG InstaView™ fridge!

With LG’s InstaView technology, you’ll never be caught out by empty tubs of butter, dwindling pints of milk or rotten vegetables.

Simply knock on the door and you’ll see exactly what is inside your fridge, reducing cold air loss and keeping your food fresher – and tastier – for longer.

You can even control your fridge from your smartphone – meaning you can even adjust your fridge’s temperature while you’re at the supermarket.


Get more from your fridge with LG DoorCooling+™

Got a piece of produce that needs some extra-chill treatment? LG’s DoorCooling+™ technology uses a special vent above the door compartment which gives more even cooling and almost 20% faster. It’s ideal when you want to deep-chill fruit juices and milk.

Better still, LG’s LINEARCooling™ technology keeps the temperature even throughout the whole fridge – with fluctuations only around 0.5℃.

With all this tech, you’d be forgiven for thinking the LG Slim InstaView Fridge Freezer isn’t as energy efficient as it could be. But thanks to its Inverter Linear Compressor, which lowers noise levels, maximises energy saving and reduces wear and tear, it’s one of the most efficient fridge freezers out there – and it’s built to last, too!


Maximum ice, minimum space

As a final cool touch to your LG Slim Instaview Fridge Freezer, look out for the Slim Spaceplus™ Ice Maker.

This compact unit ensures you have the convenience of an ice maker in the fridge door, without sacrificing space inside the fridge.

Here’s everything you need to know about the LG Slim InstaView Multi Door Fridge Freezer.


Faster laundry thanks to the LG V9 Series Washing Machine


With LG’s unique TurboWash™ 360 technology, the V9 Series washing machines work faster than ever – letting you swish through your weekly laundry.

How does it work? Well, instead of filling the drum with water, the LG V9 Series Washing Machine uses powerful jet sprays to dispense water directly onto your clothes. This means more efficient washing and rinsing, cutting the time for a cycle down to just 39 minutes.

Better yet, the LG V9 Series Washing Machine features Steam+, which keeps the drum at an even temperature, meaning your clothes come out with 30% fewer wrinkles and 99.9% less allergens.


No damage, no noise

With the patented AIDD™ technology, fabric damage is a thing of the past. AIDD™ uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust machine settings, making each cycle 18% more delicate.

That’s not all – AIDD™ also helps keep sound and vibrations to a minimum. It notices when the machine is getting too loud and re-calibrates itself to reduce vibrations. It’s a washing machine that cares about your peace and quiet!


A washing machine that thinks for itself

Last but not least, look out for LG’s Smart ThinQ™ with Wi-Fi. With this, you can operate your washing machine from anywhere, starting and pausing cycles as you please. You can even download new, specialised cycles – and your LG V9 Series Machine Washing will even learn your favourite settings to constantly optimise and improve itself.

Get a closer look at the LG V9 Series Washing Machine.

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