Three reasons the Nespresso Club is a must for coffee lovers

Love coffee? Discover why the Nespresso Club is right for you...

30 Oct 2015

 Coffee shop culture has made us more discerning when it comes to our hot drinks. We’re now used to the rich flavour of real, high-quality coffee and it’s a taste we demand at home. The advent of Nespresso’s capsule machines proved that high quality coffee could be yours in a jiffy. This was the taste and aroma of delicious real coffee made quick and easy.


The Nespresso machines have the benefit of being simple to set up and use, while still producing the 19-bar pressure needed to produce a truly stunning cup of coffee. This is the optimum pressure water should pass through the coffee capsule to produce a delicious cup. Any higher and the coffee tastes bitter. Any lower and you don’t get the full benefit. Every aspect of making your coffee, from the water pressure to the temperature, has been carefully calculated so you get perfect every time with no fuss.

The Coffee:

When you buy a Nespresso machine, you automatically qualify for membership of the Nespresso Club. This gives you access to the 23 Grand Cru coffee capsules, which are separated  into three families - Intense, Balanced and Fruity / Winey. You’ll also be able to obtain special limited edition Grands Crus, as well as coffee accessories from Les Collections – exclusively available to club members.


The coffee is hermetically sealed in aluminium capsules. These are airtight and don’t let the coffee oxidise, providing the ideal storage conditions. The capsules are recyclable once you’ve used them, and Nespresso will arrange to collect the used capsules for recycling, free of charge.

The Expert Advice:

Club members get 24-hour access to Nespresso’s coffee specialists for advice on selecting Grands Crus, and any other questions members may have about the Nespresso range. They’ll help you put your order together, no matter what time of day or night you call. Nespresso aims to deliver within one to two working days.

The Assistance:

The coffee experts are also on hand to give assistance if you ever have any problems with your machine. They can talk you through common quick fixes, but if the machine needs a bit more TLC they can arrange for a loan machine while yours is fixed.

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