Top 4 co-op games to catch-up with mates

Pro or casual gamer, these games are a seriously fun way to hang out.

14 Jan 2021

Having a catch-up with your mates can be a bit tricky when… well, there’s not a lot to catch up on. So gaming’s a great way to do something together, even when you’re far apart. Sure you might be yelling at each other in fear or frustration while battling zombies, but what a great bonding experience!

For that reason, we’ve rounded up our top 4 co-op games. Whether you’re working with or against each other, adrenalin-junkies or looking to relax, there’s something here for you and your friends.


Rust (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

The aim of the game: survive. You’re dropped into the wilderness, alone and (pretty much) naked. It’s up to you to find stuff like wood, food and stone to build what you need and stave off starvation. The catch? There are a whole bunch of other players in there with you, all vying for resources… and most of them aren’t friendly.

That’s where your mates come in. With the help of the map and a voice chat service like Discord, you can find each other on the same server. It’s a heck of a lot easier to survive when you work as a team. Some can keep watch while others gather resources. Plus, you can always nick stuff off other players.

Now, Rust has actually been around for years but has suddenly seen a huge uptick in popularity as people look for ways to hang out online. It’s a great way to pass the hours, work together and have a laugh about any in-game shenanigans.


Raft (PC)

Raft is a bit like Rust’s soothing counterpoint. Yes, a massive shark is trying to eat you. But it’s beautiful, more chilled and just as fun.

You and your friends are stranded in the middle of the ocean on a tiny wooden raft. Armed only with a plastic grappling hook, you’ll need to collect ocean junk, fish and plunder desert islands to get through it. You’ll basically be pimping your raft, eventually making it into a mega floating paradise.

So if you love building games, this is for you. It’s got just enough drama to keep things interesting. Plus, there’s a huge sense of achievement when you get things running smoothly. Or push your friend into the shark infested water. Up to you.

And a helpful tip. The water motion is more immersive. But if you get seasick like us, the nausea isn’t a welcome side effect. Don’t worry though, just go into settings and there’s an option to fix that.


Among Us (Mobile, PC, Nintendo, Xbox)

If you haven’t heard of Among Us yet, where have you been!? It’s incredibly addictive and has taken lockdown by storm. Partly because it’s so easy to play. You don’t need any other gaming experience, so it’s a great way to get non-gamer friends involved. Plus, it’s free on mobile!

In Among Us, you and your teammates are astronauts on a spaceship. Each of you has a set of different tasks to complete to win the game together. The only thing is, some of you are secretly imposters. The imposter’s job is to kill other players, sabotage the ship and generally be not very nice.

Together, the non-imposters need to work out who the sneaky snake is. When you discover a dead teammate or something ‘sus’ (suspicious) you can call a vote to expel a player from the ship. Using voice or text chat, you talk it out – defending against wrongful accusations, casting doubt on other players or bluffing your way to victory depending on whether you’re an imposter or not.

There’s an inbuilt text chat with Among Us, but we recommend using a voice calling service like Discord or Skype to talk. It makes it a bit more personal. Just make sure to mute yourself when you’re not calling a vote!


World War Z (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo)

If you haven’t seen the film or read the book- no worries. All you need to know is that most of the world has been taken over by really fast, really mean zombies. It’s a 4-person co-op third person shooter. That means you and three of your best mates banding together to make it out alive.

This game does not let up. It’s incredibly fast paced and you’ll need to stay on your toes to defeat the swarming zombies. But that makes it a real rush to play. And you feel incredibly cool saving humanity with any one of the creative weapons on offer. Plus, the scenery is stunning and there are a bunch of different places to play – like Moscow, New York, Jerusalem and Tokyo.

Frantic? Yes. Terrifying? 100%. Awesome? Oh boy.

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