Top 5 innovations in Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s exciting new operating system that’s packed full of handy features. We round-up the top five innovations you can expect ahead of its big release on July 27th.

16 Jul 2015

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s exciting new operating system that’s packed full of handy features. As well as being Microsoft’s first multi-device OS, it comes with a host of “tech firsts”, new applications and even a digital assistant. We round-up the top five innovations you can expect in Windows 10 ahead of its big release on July 27th.

1. All-new browser
Internet Explorer gets a big upgrade in Windows 10 in the form of Microsoft’s new browser - the Edge. It has tons of new functionality that makes it even easier to view web content and focus on the content that matters. There’s a handy reading mode that lets users strip out unnecessary buttons, banners and click bait. You also have the ability to highlight and annotate pages, allowing you to mark up the internet like never before and share it with the people that matter to you.

Edge browser


2. Windows Hello and Passport
Possibly one of the coolest elements of the new operating system is Windows Hello. For the first time, Windows will harness biometrics to unlock and log in to your device without entering a password. Windows 10 uses sensors to identify your face, fingerprint or speech and then uses this to unlock your device. Passport is Windows Hello for the web. The new platform allows you to log in to online applications like your email or social accounts without a password. The new technology makes all your stuff a lot more secure as no passwords are stored on your device or server.

Windows Hello and Passport


3. Cortana
Cortana is one of the most highly anticipated innovations of Windows 10. The new personal assistant for Windows allows you to set alerts, reminders and much, much more. The in-built voice recognition functionality allows you talk to Cortana and ask her questions. Want to know whether you should take an umbrella to work tomorrow? She’ll scan the web and give you an answer in seconds. What’s even cooler about Microsoft’s answer to Siri is how she learns what you like and what you’re interested in, giving you a truly personal experience.



4. Return of the Start menu
It’s back! The Start menu – missed by so many in Windows 8 – finally makes a re-appearance in Microsoft’s latest operating system. The Start menu is still a gateway to all your favourite programs and applications but this time it comes with a few new twists. Searching for programs is made easier – you can scroll through all your apps or search for programs alphabetically. The Start Menu also brings you the Live Tiles from the Windows 8 Start screen. These are crammed full of handy updates about the weather, sports, stock market info or whatever you choose to include. You can remove the updates you want to see or resize them, for a personalised view.

Start menu


5. Gaming re-booted
Gamers have lots to be cheerful about with Microsoft’s new operating system. For the first time ever, Windows 10 and Xbox One will be cross-compatible. This means you’ll be able to stream and play games from your Xbox One, on any tablet or PC using the Windows platform. You can play with your mates regardless of which device you’re using. You can even earn achievements and connect with your friends using the new Xbox live app that opens you up to one of gaming’s biggest communities. All this comes on top of incredible graphics that help your Xbox games look and feel even more realistic.

Xbox gaming


Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users can get a free upgrade to the latest operating system, when it’s released on 29th July. For tons more info on Windows 10, head over to the Currys website.

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