Tumble heaven: The five greenest washing machines

We've picked out five of the most cost effective, energy efficient washing machines to help you complete your laundry as quickly and efficiently as possible!

23 Apr 2014

Choosing a washing machine might sound like a pretty drab task but getting the right one is crucial if you're to minimise time spent on the things you don't want to do (household chores) and maximise time spent on the things you do (living your life!).  So, to help you, Tech Talk have picked out five of the most cost effective, energy efficient washing machines to help you complete your laundry as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Zanussi ZWGB7140K

If you're looking for an excellent all round washing machine with a good energy rating at a very reasonable price then the Zanussi ZWGB7140K could well be the one for you.  With its smart white finish, easy to read LCD display and 14 washing programmes, it's an ideal option for a busy family household.

The 30 minute quick wash is particularly useful if you're looking to wash lightly soiled clothes in a short time and with the minimum use of energy.  It also has a generous 6kg capacity, meaning you can wash an awful lot in one go, again reducing energy wastage.  The delay start feature lets you pre-programme a wash in advance, allowing you to get on with your day and forget about the chores.  Finally, it's A+ energy rating means it's also kinder to the environment then a lot of other models.

Energy rating: A+


Samsung WF7


Samsung WF70F5E0N4W

Samsung washing machines are built to last, and the brand is so confident of their outstanding performance with reliability that the Samsung WF70F5E0N4W comes with a two-year guarantee - that's twice as long you'll get with many other brands.

Featuring a generous 7kg capacity, it can handle big wash loads with ease.  Washing delicates? This model is a great option thanks to its streamlined Diamond Drum that cares for your clothes and delicate fabrics while the smaller, water exit holes ensure your clothes stay firmly in the drum and don't get damaged.

When it comes to washing programmes, there's a whole host for you to choose from including a 15 minute Quick Wash, perfect for lightly soiled item washing in a hurry.  The automatic Half Load setting helps you to conserve energy and wash just a few items without wastage.  Lastly, its A++ energy rating means you can be sure that it's both cost effective and less damaging for the environment. 

Energy rating: A++


Beko WM9

Beko WM95145LW

You really can't go wrong with the Beko WM95145LW when it comes to a superior wash.  Combining stylish design with all of the functionality you'd expect from a more premium model, it's a great machine at a mid-range price point.

Its massive 9kg load capacity means it's also perfect for a large family and its impressive 1400 rpm spin cycle cuts down on the number of loads and drying time.  There's also 16 programmes for you to choose from including fast wash, 39 minutes for a full load or as fast as 14 minutes for a 2kg wash.  There's even unique programme options for more specialist items for washing such as duvets, woollens and shirts.

This model is also extremely energy efficient and comes with an A++ energy rating, reducing your costs and protecting the environment at the same time.

Energy rating: A++




Hotpoint HV8

Hotpoint HV8B593G

With its remarkable A+++ energy rating the Hotpoint HV8B593G is a great choice for cost saving efficiency and environmentally friendly washing.  Its rapid 1500 rpm gets rid of surplus water in a flash, shortening drying times.  Its 8kg capacity is very generous, although even larger is available (see the Beko above).

This model also has a great interface for easy selection of your washing mode.  Choose from 16 different programmes including Extra Rinse, Time Saver and Ant Crease, which will reduce the need for ironing and saves on energy and water use.

As well as the practical Time Saver feature this model has another ingenious feature to help the environment.  The Eco wash function saves on energy by not heating the water used to was your cycle.  There's even a My Cycle memory function, which saves all of your favourite programmes for easy access.  It's all designed to make usage of the machine as fast and simple as possible, leaving you more time to spend on what you want.

Energy rating: A+++




Bosch WAQ243D0GB

The ultimate model in terms of energy efficiency - it has a triple A energy rating - the Bosch WAQ243D0GB is a high-quality 8kg load washing machine that promises longevity (backed up by its 2 year guarantee) and great cleaning.  It's also specifically designed for the more demanding user, meaning it can cope with that mountain of dirty laundry without any difficulty.

With 15 wash functions to choose from there's a programme for every washing eventuality including Super Quick, Mixed Load, Wool, Cottons and Easy Care.  There's also Reduced Ironing and Speed Perfect, designed to save you time and effort in a busy household.

A real stand out feature of this model is its ActiveWater technology which uses the right amount of water every time, no matter the size of the laundry load it will work it out, saving on water wastage and optimising wash performance.  Now that's smart, huh?

Energy rating: A+++


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