Turn any space into a canvas with Google’s VR Tilt Brush

With Google’s virtual reality Tilt Brush, you can create your own original artwork using your HTC Vive to paint on a huge 3D canvas…

22 May 2016

Tilt Brush artwork

Credit: Google

What is Google Tilt Brush?

Google’s new VR app that’s set to change the way you create and view artwork, available on Steam for HTC Vive.

Gone are the days of needing a canvas and fancy art supplies to paint your own masterpiece. Instead, use your HTC Vive headset and a set of hand controllers to become a digital artist.

The great thing is anyone can have a turn. From amateurs and kids using it for fun, to professional artists and designers as part of their work – it doesn’t matter what your artistic ability is. Google says it’s created it for professionals, amateurs and ‘casual doodlers’ alike.


How does it work?

Tilt Brush lets you turn the space around you into a canvas to paint on. With infinite room to play with, there’s no limit on the type and size of the artwork you can create.

Just use one of the hand controllers as a brush and the other as your palette. With it you can:

  • Choose colours and brushes from the digital toolbox
  • Add special materials that would be impossible in a normal painting, like fire or snow
  • Use the mirror setting to paint in perfect symmetry

Not happy with what you’ve done? Just hit ‘undo’ to reverse the changes.

Getting started is easy. Simply set up your HTC Vive, install Steam and open the Tilt Brush app – and you’re ready to start creating unique 3D artwork.

Tilt brush artwork

More ways to view your creations

Using Tilt Brush is like having your own virtual studio in any room. See your artwork from different angles as you create it by stepping into your drawing and looking around.

When you’re ready, you can show off your completed artwork as a life-size VR display, or share it with friends as a GIF.

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