Great games to connect with others

Online games are a brilliant way of hooking up with your mates, even when you’re apart…

27 Mar 2020

In these strange times when we’re stuck indoors, it’s important to find ways to connect with our family and friends – even if they’re far away. Lots of us are finding imaginative ways to do this, from online pub quizzes to remote workout classes.

And if you’re a gamer? Well, you’ve been doing this for ages anyway. You’ve always known that playing online games and connecting with others is lots of fun – even when the outdoors was an option.

Here are a few of our favourites we’ve been playing over the last few weeks. These games are all about connecting, working together and staying positive. There’s not a last-man-standing shoot-em-up in sight…



There’s no better game for collaborating and creating things than Minecraft. This legendary open-world game promotes all sorts of good behaviour like creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving.

So, how do you play it? Well, the rules can be quite tricky to explain, because there aren’t any. Instead, you’re given endless building blocks and a blank canvas to create anything you want. The only limit is the player’s imagination.

Not only is Minecraft fun, it’s genuinely educational. If you’re doing some home-schooling, you can easily drop a few Minecraft sessions into the curriculum, knowing that it’ll be teaching your kids some important skills – while you have a well-deserved break.

Minecraft is available on… all the gaming consoles you can think of.


Death Stranding

Don’t be fooled by the bleak look (or name) of Death Stranding. Because this is a game of beauty. It’s not a classic multiplayer game, but it is a social game all about co-operating. You’ll be assisting those less fortunate than ourselves in troubled times, and helping them re-connect with the outside world.

You play the character Sam Bridges as he struggles (and boy, does he struggle) across a post-apocalyptic landscape. His mission is to deliver supplies to isolated colonies, and reconnect them with a wireless communications network not unlike the internet.

We can’t say much more than that, because this is a game with a storyline that you need to discover for yourself. In fact, it’s designed to be confusing and frustrating to start off with. You’ll have a lot of questions, but persevere – yes, this is a game all about perseverance – and the wonder of the game’s complex world will slowly reveal itself.

Death Stranding is available exclusively on the PS4.


Super Mario Party

Teaming up and staying connected doesn’t have to take much effort. If you get Super Mario Party, it can be lots of mindless fun.

Super Mario Party is based on the original four-player Mario Party series board game that fans love. You can play as individual characters, or team up in partner mode.

If you can’t get friends and family together around an actual board game, this is just as good – or even better. It’s packed with over 80 fun mini-games where you’ll be frantically flicking your controller to come out on top. You’ll be fishing, racing trikes, cooking, catching falling items, guessing games, horse racing, bumper cars and lots more. Just remember to have and not fall out with whoever’s beating you!

Super Mario Party is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.

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