UE Boom or UE Boom 2 – what’s the difference?

The UE Boom is one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers around – and now it has been updated with a host of cool new features.

20 Sep 2015

You can stream music from your phone without a cable in sight with a portable wireless speaker.

The UE Boom is one of the most popular portable wireless speakers around with top reviews from the likes of Wired and What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision.

The sound is loud and punchy, the speaker easy to hook up to your phone.

Now it has been updated with a host of cool new features. The UE Boom 2 promises ‘insanely good sound’.


Why buy a portable wireless speaker?

  • stream music from your phone, laptop or tablet wirelessly  
  • take your music from kitchen to the garden, from bedroom to the living room
  • throw the speaker in your bag to take out and about

How do these speakers work?

They connect to your phone or tablet over Bluetooth. Once connected you can stream music from your phone or tablet to the speaker, provided you stay within a certain distance.


Is the UE Boom 2 different to the original UE Boom?

Yes. The guys at UE have given the Boom 2 a number of new features, such as:

Waterproofing: UE Boom 2 is pool and rainy festival ready thanks to its IPX7 waterproof rating. It can be immersed in up 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes.

Wider wireless range: You can now wander as far as 33m from the phone or tablet you’re streaming from. That’s longer than a swimming pool.

Better balancing: The cylindrical speaker is designed to stand on its end. But it can also be laid on its side, and its new design means it will balance better when laid flat.

Louder: UE says Boom 2 is 25% louder than its predecessor thanks to some decibel tweaking.

What other features are still place?

  • Long battery life: You can listen to the UE Boom 2 for 15 hours on a single charge.
  • Super portable design: The compact, cylindrical design makes this speaker perfect for sliding in your bag and hitting the road.
  • Double up: 2 UE Boom speakers can be connected over Wi-Fi to create a sound system for your house party. Just download the app and use Double Play.
  • Simple tap connection: Connect your speaker and phone by simply tapping them together thanks to the built in NFC technology.

How to get the best from your UE Boom speaker?

Position it upright on a flat surface and its 360-degree speakers will throw sound out in all directions.

Check out the UE Boom and other wireless speakers


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