Want better picture quality? Sony’s 2018 TV line-up revealed

Looking for a new TV to watch the football this summer? Or enjoy a cinematic experience at home? Step closer to the action with Sony’s new range of premium OLEDs and LEDs.

11 Apr 2018

Sony has revamped its 4K Bravia TVs for 2018, and they’re full of exciting new tech to make you drool.

Focusing on sound as well as picture quality, they make everything feel incredibly real – almost like you’re in the stadium or driving through the streets of New York in a high-speed car chase movie.


  • Richer sound, picture quality and overall enjoyment
  • Super-smooth, non-blurry action with MotionFlow tech
  • Sound directly from the screen with Acoustic Surface
  • Pure colours at higher brightness levels for exceptional lifelike images

You’ll know it’s a new TV by the F in the model number, such as the XF90 for 2018 compared with the XE90 for 2017.


Which Sony TV is right for me?

The minimalist designer one – AF8 OLED

In a nutshell: Eye-popping picture quality matched with incredible sound and designSony AF8

Sony’s super-slim new flagship TV is straight from the pages of a luxury lifestyle magazine. With a clean, minimalist look, you can hide all your wires in the back.

The screen works as a speaker, so there’s no need for additional speakers or soundbars. You also get 4K and HDR as part of the package so, unlike before, you don’t have to choose between a 4K or OLED TV. With the AF8 you can have your cake and eat it.

The AF8 offers:

  • 8 million self-illuminating OLED pixels that give you true blacks, sharp contrast and lifelike colours
  • Sound from the entire screen with Acoustic Surface technology
  • An X1 Extreme processor that gives you 40% more real-time image processing than the 4K Processor X1™
  • Refined 4K HDR premium with the latest detail enhancement and noise reduction technology for extraordinarily realistic pictures



The super-smooth one for fast action – XF90

In a nutshell: Enjoy exceptional clarity with no blur in fast-moving sequencesSony XF90

When you’re watching sport and adventure movies, you want a TV that can keep the action moving seamlessly. A successor to last year’s XE90, the XF90 delivers even more smoothness.

This is all thanks to a clever new technology called X-Motion Clarity™, which reduces blur and judder.

The XF90 offers:

  • Smooth and sharp details even in fast-moving sequences
  • An X1 Extreme processor that gives real depth to picture quality
  • Refined 4K HDR premium with noise reduction technology for lifelike pictures
  • Superb contrast thanks to clusters of accurately controlled LEDs

Sony XF90

Pair it with the XF9000 sound bar to really feel as though you’re in the thick of the action.


The most affordable one – XF87 

In a nutshell: A reasonably priced premium TV with superb picture qualitySony XF87

Although the XF87 doesn’t have the same powerful chip as the AF8 or XF90, it still produces a high-quality image. See every pass, tackle and top-corner finish, and watch superheroes battling it out in bold, sharp colour.

The XF87 offers:

  • X1 processor power – everything comes to life with depth and texture
  • Smoothness in fast-paced action scenes with 100hz MotionFlow XR technology
  • Sharpened 4K HDR with the latest detail enhancement and noise reduction technology for realistic pictures
  • Contrast settings adjusted automatically according to what’s happening on screen


All of Sony’s new OLED and LED TVs are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices, and feature YouView so you can scroll back up to seven days and catch up with programmes from BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4.


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