What are the benefits of upright freezers?

Ice makers, dispensers or fast freezing features - these cool customers have it all!

28 Oct 2019

We lead busy lives – and this means that we might eat on the go or shop as and when we need it. This can lead to unnecessary food waste, which we’d all like to cut down. We might not have the time to knock something up from scratch and need to reach for something ready to go. This is where a decent sized freezer can be a godsend.

These days, freezers come in all shapes and sizes. But why an upright freezer?


With their hinged doors, upright freezers look like regular fridges – so one will sit smartly next to your existing fridge.


Having a hinged door means you can get at all your frozen food with ease. This can be a major advantage over fridge freezer drawers or a chest freezer – where picking through frozen bags of veg can be a challenge.


With a range of drawers, shelves and racks inside – you can arrange things as you like and won’t forget about those lost choc ices either.


Which upright freezer is right for you?

In most kitchens, floor space is a premium – so an upright freezer is the perfect fit. Or you might need a compact freezer to fit under a counter or work surface. That’s why it’s a great idea to find an upright freezer that fits your kitchen perfectly.

Mini freezers

While they don’t have all the features of a larger upright freezer, mini freezers are great where space is an issue. You’ll get compact freezers with ice makers and with some essential features – but its’ their small size which is the real winner – usually coming with 30 litres of storage. Plus, there’s no need to find a place on the floor, since mini freezers are compact enough to live on table tops, too.

Find the mini freezer right for you

Undercounter freezers

Neat and easily concealed, undercounter freezers fit perfectly in most kitchens. You’ll find more features like flexible storage, fast freeze and frost-free technology. Undercounter freezers don’t usually come with ice dispensers but they’re reliable ice makers. They’re also a great overflow freezer if you never have enough space in your main freezer.

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Tall freezers

Combining loads of storage with easy access, tall freezers can come with all kind of features. Whether that’s a tall freezer with an ice dispenser, ice maker or automatic defrosting.

You’ll also find scratch proof and temperature resistant doors. As well as energy efficient performance to save you money on your household bills.

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