What camera should I buy?

Want your Instagram photos to stand out from the crowd? Or capture fast-moving sports action on a DSLR? Find your perfect camera…

03 May 2019

We’ve had a look at a range of different cameras to help you choose one that suits your needs best. But just so we’re on the same page, there’s some technical stuff to make sense of before you’ll know what you’re after. So first…


Making sense of the sensor

When it comes to image quality, much of a camera’s capability relates to its sensor – that’s the clever little device inside it that actually creates the pictures.

Making sense lof the sensor

Sensors work by capturing light. More light captured essentially means better images, so the bigger the sensor, the better the image quality. DSLRs and compact system cameras generally use larger APS-C sensors. Some compact system cameras use the newer Micro Four Thirds type of sensor, which is significantly smaller but fits in the same amount of light.

Premium compact cameras are up there with some entry-level DSLRs now thanks to advanced one-inch sensors which still deliver detailed photos.

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Amazing photos on-the-go: a mirrorless camera


Canon EOS M50

When life has you on your feet all the time, or if you just love to jet off to new places, having a stunning camera with you doesn’t have to mean bulky bags and loads of lenses.

When you go mirrorless you get all the best tech packed into a smaller camera body, so it makes the perfect travel companion to capture your adventures in stunning detail. The Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera is one of our top picks for high-quality photos with no hassle.


Capture stunning images with ease

The powerful sensor is capable of capturing photos up to 24.1 megapixels, so your images are full of detail, even in very low-light. So you don’t have to put up with blurry or dark pictures anymore.

For those times when you want the perfect family shot, you get 10fps (frames per second) continuous shooting, which means you won’t miss a thing. Then you’ll be able to easily choose the best shot of the bunch where no-one’s blinking (phew!).

If you’re into shooting videos too, you can capture everything in amazing 4K, so your movies will be packed with vibrant colour and up-close details. Now you can create all the impressive scenes to take your film to the next level, or just record some beloved memories from those special family trips.


Get a head start on your photography

The EOS M50, comes with a wide-angle zoom lens with optical image stabilisation. Now that sounds technical, but it just means that you get a wider range of shooting options that will all result in perfect pictures, whether it’s a picturesque landscape or a quick snap of the family.

Get your Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera now


The best Instagram photos shared instantly: a compact camera with Wi-Fi


Canon SX720

Amazing photos are no good stuck inside your camera – they need to be shared with your friends and followers so everyone can appreciate your efforts. The Canon PowerShot SX720 compact camera is ready to be connected to compatible smart devices using Wi-Fi and Dynamic NFC through the Canon app, so you can shoot remotely and even back up your photos and recordings straight away.

The PowerShot SX720 compact camerauses a massive 20.3 megapixel HS system to create crisp and clear shots certain to leave your friends and family in awe. And, to make sure you never miss a moment, it’s got 5.9fps continuous shooting for all those fast-moving photo opportunities.

When it comes to recording videos, the PowerShot SX720 can record Full-HD films at 60 fps, so you get smooth and detailed scenes. And, audio is recorded in high-quality too, so everything sounds and good as it looks.

Get yourself a Canon PowerShot SX720 compact camera


Bring stunning landscapes, sports and nature to life: a DSLR camera

Canon EOS 4000D

Some smartphone cameras are amazing nowadays, but when you’re travelling to unforgettable destinations it can be hard to do the beauty justice without a high quality DSLR. They’re designed to capture every minute detail of a scene, so are capable of a lot more than your mobile.

If you’re not too sure about all the buttons and dials, not to worry! The Canon EOS 4000D DSLR camera will help you build your skills and confidence with guided modes that offer on-screen previews and advice on which settings you need to use. There’s also a companion app for your smartphone to give you even more guidance. But if you just want to get started straight away, the camera can do all the hard work for you with Scene Intelligent Auto.

You might think that filters are for Snapchat, but with the EOS 4000D you get a range of creative, professional-looking filters like ‘Toy Camera’ and ‘Miniature’ to add a bit of flair to your shots.

You don’t want to miss any crucial or special moments, so the EOS 4000D DSLR has a super-fast autofocus, and with continuous shooting at 3fps you’ll be able to shoot every moment with confidence. And, you can see exactly what’s going on thanks to the 2.7” LCD screen.

Interested? Get yourself a Canon EOS 4000D DSLR camera


Capture life on the go – an action camera


GoPro HERO7 Black

One of the best ways to capture life’s adventures is with an action camera, because you can shoot on the go and never miss a moment.

Whether it’s a trip to the beach for some snorkelling, off up the mountains for some skiing or (if you’re really up to it) bungee jumping, the GoPro HERO7 Black action camera is up for anything, letting you take photos and videos that would be impossible to capture with your smartphone.

Action cameras offer a unique perspective, and the Hero7 Black can withstand more than most with its tough exterior. It’s water-resistant up to 10 metres too, so it’s the perfect companion for any and all escapades.

Weighing in at under 500g, its lightweight frame makes it easy to attach to yourself, your mountain bike or even your dog, so you can get some great footage from some new and exciting angles. And, the impressive HyperSmooth image stabilisation means you won’t feel nauseous when you watch the footage back.

The simple touchscreen makes it easy to jump in and start recording, with no long-winded setup to go through, so you’ll be making the best memories in no time. And, with the ability to use voice commands to control the camera, you can stay in the moment completely hands-free, so you won’t mess with that perfect spot it took ages to get just right.


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