What does the future of photography look like?

Are you ready to lose yourself in VR? Discover the future of photography, from DSLR to camera drones.

14 Aug 2019

Whether you’re gagging to be instafamous or lose yourself in a world of VR, is there any limit to our hunger for photography?

With World Photography Day (19th August) right around the corner, we’ve taken a look at some of the next-gen tech that’s revolutionising the camera space in 2019 and beyond…


DSLR: It’s just getting started…

At only 18 years old, DSLR is still young. And yet, some say it may soon start to die out…

But hold up! There’s still plenty your DSLR can do that your smartphone can’t, from interchangeable lenses to ramping up the shutter speed for that crisp action-shot.

So, even if your smartphone was eventually able to match your camera in terms of picture quality, DSLR is always going to be one step ahead in all other fields.

Of course, one of the biggest drawbacks with DSLR has always been the memory card. Luckily though, this is already being ironed out with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Near-Field Connectivity now coming as standard. No more wires – hooray! 

What’s next? Wireless charging. Just imagine: a DSLR capable of wirelessly transferring images, incredible camera quality AND no limitation on battery life.

Choose the NIKON D500 DSLR Camera – Body Only


Compact: Why we’re keeping it compact

Smartphones are great for taking snaps on the go, but they just can’t match the kind of quality that comes from a camera. So how do you get quick, high-quality snaps from a pocket-sized camera?

Simple. Choose a compact camera.

Not only are many of them shock resistant (no need to worry about smashed screens), water resistant and capable of holding out in extreme temperatures, they also let you capture moments in the kind of quality your smartphone can only dream of.

What’s next? All we can hope for the compact is that tech companies keep investing in finding ways to make them even better.

Choose the Olympus TG-5 Tough Compact Camera – Black


Drones: Discovering new perspectives

Are you ready to shoot panoramic videos that look like Hollywood films?

Already, experimental home-video makers can take to the sky with camera drones that capture video from a bird’s-eye perspective. Easy enough to steer using a remote or smartphone, many even have built-in flight stabilisation for silky-smooth shots.

You can also get more advanced drones that can shoot in Full HD video, piloted using glasses that let you see what you’re shooting. Does it get any more 007?

What’s next? Drone technology is still in its infant years. Everything from camera quality, to automated piloting and more reliable control can be expected. This technology is really taking off…

Choose the PARROT ANAFI Extended Drone with Controller – Grey


360VR: Bringing the world to life

By far the most exciting leap for photography has to be the potential of VR technology.

360 cameras already allow us to capture spherical views of landscapes and project floating items that we can inspect from every angle.

But the future of 360 photography and VR has so much more in store, with the potential to offer us video and imagery so immersive, we might not be able to tell the difference.

Of course, VR gaming is already taking steps in the right direction, but just imagine the day you can do even more extraordinary things – imagine taking your family portrait and walking around the scene years later!

What’s next? From capturing real moments in motion, to immersive gaming and 360 conference calls. It may all sound very sci-fi, but really, anything is possible for the future of VR photography – and it’s all still to come.

Choose the GoPRO Fusion 360 Camera – Black

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