What is an air purifier?

Want to breathe cleaner air? Rid your home of pollen and dust and smoke and cooking smells with an air purifier…

04 Apr 2017

You may think when you close your door to the outside world you’re keeping out the pollution too. But pollution can follow you in – seeping beneath door frames and drifting in through just-open windows – exhaust fumes for those who live in built up areas; pollen for those in the country (or with big gardens).


Pollution that lives inside your home

As well as pollution coming from the outside, the insides of our home are already full of potential pollutants – from cleaning sprays and pet dander to gas hobs and wood-burning stoves.Cleaning

This can make you cough and sneeze and also affect the quality of your sleep. Take indoor air pollution to task with an air purifier… say hello to breathing easier, coughing less and enjoying a better night’s sleep.


How does an air purifier work?

Air purifiers remove smoke, dust, pollen, odours, allergens, mould spores, bacteria and viruses from the air. They work by sucking in air and pulling it through a HEPA filter to purify it. The pollutants stick to the filter and the clean air is then pushed back out into the room.Pollen

Who should buy an air purifier?

  • City dwellers living in small apartments
  • People living in the busy suburbs of large towns
  • Cat and dog owners and parents of young children
  • Hay fever sufferers and those with other allergies
  • Villagers living in rural settings around fields and trees


How do the models differ?

Air purifiers come in a range of options – from desk-size models for smaller rooms to tall tower ones for large, open-plan rooms. Some of them have dual functions, performing as a fan or even a heater as well as an air purifier.


What air purifier should I buy?

Air purification, fan and heater in one

Model: Dyson Hot + Cool Link

In a nutshell: Get smart about air purification while also staying cool in summer and warm in winterDyson hot and cool

Probably the best example of an air purifier that’s also a fan is the Dyson Hot + Cool link. Available in desk and tower models, this premium air purifier is packed with Dyson’s engineering expertise. Unlike regular fans, the Dyson is bladeless – this helps it deliver air that isn’t chopped up. Fans can be noisy, but the Dyson is 75% quieter than other fans

With it you can…

  • Remove 99.95% of allergens and pollutants from the air with the 360 HEPA filter
  • Tackle paint fumes and cooking odours with carbon granules
  • Stay cool in summer with the powerful fan 
  • Enjoy powerful but smooth airflow with the bladeless design
  • Monitor the air quality in your home with the smartphone app

Did you know? The Dyson Hot + Cool Link is certified asthma & allergy friendly by Allergy Standards Limited


All about the air purification

Model: Vax APO1

In a nutshell: Powerful air purifier with portable design and allergy focus Vax Ap01

Want an air purifier that focuses solely on cleansing the air in your home? The VAX AP01 is an air purifier and nothing else. Sure, it’s not a powerful fan or heater – but if you want excellent air purification without any extras this is a great option.

It was Awarded The British Allergy Seal of Approval.

With it you can…

  • Purify the air of pollutants like dust and pollen – removes 99.9% of all airborne particles 
  • Tackle lingering smells from cooking and smoke
  • Schedule the air purifier to run when you’re at work or in bed
  • Go from room to room with the portable design

Did you know? Vax has been working with Asthma UK on managing asthma triggers?


The budget option

Looking for an air purifier on a smaller budget? Something that combines a low price with super-portable design?



Find your perfect air purifier

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