What is an auto-clean oven?

With an auto-clean oven, you can wave goodbye to those bad old days of being elbow deep in grease, grime and scrubbing pads…

16 Jan 2019

We hate cleaning our ovens, don’t we? It’s dirty, smelly, and takes time and effort. In fact, it’s the household cleaning task we loathe the most, according to research by Mintel – yes, even worse than scrubbing the toilet!


So why not invest in an oven that cleans itself? An auto-clean oven will need nothing more than a quick wipe-down.

It can:

Save you time - wouldn't you rather be relaxing in front of the TV or going out for a stroll rather than scrubbing the oven?

Save you money – you’ll spend much less on cleaning products and scouring pads

There are lots of auto-clean ovens out there. But how exactly do they work, and which one is right for you?

How does auto-clean work?

Bosch auto-clean oven
Auto-clean ovens come with a feature known as ‘pyrolytic cleaning’. It’s an automatic cleaning function that works by heating the insides of your oven up to 500ºC. At that temperature, grease will be burnt off the sides, and any spills and scraps of dried-on food will be reduced to a pile of ash to be swept away.

This auto-cleaning feature is super-safe too. During the cycle, the outside of the oven stays at a far lower temperature than what’s happening inside. Plus, the oven door automatically locks until the cleaning’s done.

It'll take roughly a couple of hours for the cycle to finish, and you’ll probably need to give your oven racks and the glass door a quick wipe. But that’s not so bad when compared to scrubbing a whole oven, right?

An auto-cleaning oven will also save you energy in the long run, because the system requires high levels of insulation - making your oven more economical than standard models. And of course, you'll no longer have to shell out for oven cleaning products.

Need some buying inspiration? Here’s a great auto-cleaning electric oven from Bosch…


Bosch HSB573BS0B Electric Oven

Bosch oven

This Bosch oven makes it easy to cook like a pro and impress the family with dishes that taste amazing. It doesn't just blow hot air over your food; its 3D Hotair feature distributes heat evenly throughout the oven. That’s really handy if you’re tackling a roast or any meal that involves cooking different dishes at once. You’ll be able to throw in a tray of roasted veg at the same time as your Yorkshire puddings, without having to worry about which gets the top shelf.

And when it comes to cleaning, it couldn’t be easier. The pyrolytic cleaning function heats the oven to the incredibly high temperature already mentioned, reducing any grease and food scraps inside to ash. You then simply wipe it away when the oven’s cooled down. No serious scrubbing needed, no marigolds required!

We love its…

AutoPilot 10 feature - with ten pre-set programs to make sure you get perfect cooking results every time

LED display with touch controls - making it easy to control your cooking

Collection of slim pans - perfect for smaller dishes - you’ll never have to make more food than you need, even if you’re cooking a meal for one

Get this Bosch Electric Oven


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