What is Nintendo Labo?

Here’s all you need to know about Nintendo’s most imaginative plaything to date.

10 Jun 2018

With Labo, Nintendo has taken something as ordinary as cardboard, and transformed it into something very exciting. Praised by critics at launch for its new approach to gaming, Labo is unlike anything you’ve seen before.



What is Nintendo Labo?

It’s a new way to play video games with the help of cardboard construction kits. You construct them yourself, and combine them with your Nintendo Switch games console to make charming interactive toys, or Toy-Cons as they are known.

How does it work?

Nintendo calls it: ‘Make, Play, Discover.’ You make the kits, play with them, and then discover what amazing things they can do.

The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit lets you transform the cardboard cut-outs in the box into fun toys such as a motorbike, a fishing rod, and a working piano. Each toy acts as a real handheld accessory that you can use to play games with on your Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers

To make your Toy-Cons spring to life, just insert one, or both Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers into each of your creations.

Catch fish with the fishing rod, tear up some tarmac on your virtual bike, and make like Mozart by tapping away on the piano’s cardboard keys. You can even make an RC car that motors around.


What if I’m no good at making stuff?

Don’t worry, the toys are really easy to set up. Anyone can do it. In each kit you’ll find a game cartridge, complete with virtual step-by-step instructions.

No glue or scissors are required. Everything you need comes in the box. But why stop there? Customise your creations by painting them, and adding stickers for a fun and personal touch.


Isn’t cardboard flimsy? What if one of the toys breaks?

You’ll be surprised at how tough cardboard can be. You can always fix your creation with decorative tape.

Nintendo has helpfully uploaded some video tutorials showing you how to fix small parts. Nintendo Labo is designed so that any damage can be easily repaired.

Nintendo Labo Variety kit

What else can I make?

The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit lets you make the following:

  • Toy-Con Fishing Rod
  • Toy-Con Motorbike
  • Toy-Con RC car
  • Toy-Con Piano
  • Toy-Con House

There’s also the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit. This pack lets you build a your very own robot suit. Wear it, and you’ll literally be able to play as a rampaging robot in its own video game.

Nintendo Labo Robot kit

Take control of it by punching with your arms, and lifting your legs like a cardboard Transformer. You can even customise your bot, and enjoy two-player battles with another player in the same room.


Incredible. What’s in the box?

Before you begin, you will need a Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo Switch

Everything else comes in the box. Both the Variety Kit and Robot kit include cardboard sheets, strings, rubber bands, stickers, and a game cartridge with the software on it, so you can play the games on your Switch console.

Assembling the Toy-Cons and bringing them to life is great fun for all the family, and you can be sure there will be more crafty kits to come in future. So, watch this space for more Nintendo Labo news when we hear it.

In the meantime, happy crafting.


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