What is PlayStation VR? Everything you need to know

Take your first steps into the virtual gaming world with the PlayStation VR. Here’s everything you need to know…

23 Apr 2018


Immerse yourself in a virtual world and take gaming to the next level with Sony’s PlayStation VR. It's easy to use and not half as pricey as the competition, so here’s the lowdown on this bit of virtual gaming tech.

Playstation VR

What is PlayStation VR?

Sony’s VR system brings virtual gaming to your home. Slip on the VR headset, connect it to your PlayStation 4 (PS4) and interact with the virtual world around you. Gaming will never be the same again.

As well as the headset you’ll also need the following to play…

  • PlayStation 4 console – any will do – be it the original, Slim or super-performing Pro model
  • PlayStation Camera – this tracks your movements and replicates them in the virtual game
  • PlayStation Move controllers – these wireless motion controllers will deliver the best VR experience – but you can use the standard DualShock 4 controllers as well
  • Space – 6ft x 10ft ideally, otherwise you’ll find yourself colliding with the coffee table

The PlayStation Camera and Move controller are sold separately. But you can get bundle deals that include everything you need.

Playstation VR

How does it work?

Set up is simple. If you already own a PS4 – any model – just plug the headset into your console. Then slip on the headset and let the fun begin.

Using an inbuilt graphics processing unit – GPU for short – the PlayStation VR produces two images as once and sends them to your headset. This creates a 360° experience while a 100° field of view and a fast refresh rate (120Hz) put you at the centre of your virtual world. 

Pretty impressive considering the competition – like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive – use expensive graphics cards to do the same job.

Nine LED lights within the PlayStation Camera track your head and hand movements. So – whetheryou’re throwing a ball or drawing a gun – the PlayStation VR will replicate it in the virtual world.

Get PlayStation VR

Oculus Rift HTC Vive

How’s it compare with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive?

Like the PlayStation VR the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are tethered headsets – meaning they connect to your computer or console with a cable.

But the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive need a powerful PC or gaming laptop rather than a games console to work.

In a nutshell you’ll need some serious computer hardware to run either of these two headsets. And that doesn’t come cheap.

The PlayStation VR costs a fraction of the price – and an expensive PC isn’t required.

Sure, the Vive and Rift may have more power and sophistication, but games still look and feel incredible on the PlayStation VR. Pretty impressive when you consider it’s running on less power and a tighter budget.

What games can I play?

What games can I play?

There’s no shortage of games for thePlayStation VR. Fifty titles were released the first month after launch and Sony is still investing in its VR tech.

Some great new games arrived earlier this year and Sony has confirmed another 30 new releases are on the way – all should be out by June 2018. Watch this space!

Recent releases include…

  • Moss – launched in Feb, this action-adventure puzzle game engages you in a fantasy world. Tailor-made for VR play it combines compelling characters with gripping combat and captivating world exploration.
  • The Inpatient – dark and creepy, this psychological-horror game lets you into the chilling world of Blackwood Pines Sanatorium. This isn’t a game for the fainthearted.
  • Sprint Vector – this intergalactic parkour platformers lets you enjoy high-speed thrills as you run, jump, climb and fly through this adrenalin-fuelled game. Play alone or connect with up to 8 other gamers.


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