What is Samsung QLED TV? Everything you need to know

Love watching movies on Netflix and Blu-ray? Do them serious justice with a Samsung QLED TV...

17 Apr 2018

What are QLED TVs?

Samsung’s newest QLED TVs offer a viewing experience like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Packed with ground-breaking tech, they'll revolutionise how you watch TV.Samsung QLED TV

They even blend harmoniously with your home décor – say goodbye to a big black screen breaking up your interior design. With Ambient Mode – a world first – you can match the screen to the wall texture, upload your own pictures or display useful information.


Why are QLED TVs so good?

Quantum Dot technology in Samsung’s new QLED TVs brings brightness levels up to HDR 2000 – so you can feast on your favourite movies and watch even the tiniest and darkest details come to life in spectacular 100% Colour Volume*.

And Ambient Mode isn’t the only thing keeping your home décor in check. A clever One Near-Invisible Cable** means no messy wires or distractions. You can position the TV wherever you want and enjoy pure picture perfection.

Samsung QLED

How does QLED work?

Samsung has perfected the use of quantum dot technology over the years. These tiny crystals within the screen seriously improve colour, boost contrast and up brightness.

The latest models from Samsung reach the highest level of brightness and colour volume yet. And they’ve greatly improved black levels.




They may sound similar but they’re not the same. QLED TVs have a backlit LED screen – OLEDs don’t. Both offer excellent contrast (the difference between bright and dark).

As a general rule OLED creates darker blacks whereas QLED TVs can go much brighter. And – whether it’s a bright sunny day or a gloomy winter’s evening – they deliver greater colour volume and contrast whatever the lighting.

Getting the best from HDR

Getting the best from HDR

HDR – aka high dynamic range – is another TV tech that looks set to stick around.

It works alongside 4K to give a greater contrast between light and dark – so you get to see detail even in the shadows – and delivers a broader spectrum of colours that are as close as you can get to real life.

Most new 4K UHD TVs are HDR compatible but you’ll still need HDR content – from the likes of Amazon, Netflix or a 4K Blu-ray disc – to see the benefits.

To get the best from HDR, TVs need to be able to create deep blacks and bright whites. That’s where quantum dots and QLED TVs come in…

Brighter than bright

Brighter than bright

QLED TVs can create brighter pictures than any other television – even OLED sets.

HDR requires around 1,000 nits brightness. But Samsung QLED TVs can reach between 1,000 and 2,000 nits.

That’s because their quantum dots can reach peak levels of brightness. Floodlights and stars will shine like never before when watching Netflix or UHD Blu-ray in HDR. 


A new way of displaying colour

Vibrant colour is another major ingredient of HDR video, with everything shown in vivid detail.

This has been a problem for older TV sets where whacking up the brightness has left the colours washed out.

But Samsung QLED TVs keep colours vibrant even when brightness is increased with 100% Colour Volume.

So bold reds, strong greens and vibrant greens stay that way – even when HDR video is pushing the screen to peak brightness. 

How does QLED work?

Deeper blacks for shadowy scenes

At the other end of the contrast scale are inky blacks and shadowy details. Think of the Netflix show Stranger Things or a movie like Batman.

Samsung’s latest range of QLED TVs have got contrasting nailed. Take its flagship model the Q9F. Its Direct Full Array backlit screen has phenomenal black levels.

Plus all new Samsung QLED TVs have Ultra Black technology†. Even on the sunniest day this clever tech cuts back screen glare and reflections to a minimal level so you can enjoy your favourite shows and movies without having to close the blinds. Now, who doesn’t need that?

Get it all with a QLED TV


*Measured to DCI-P3 standard, verified by VDE

**Not available on Q6F

†Not available on Q6F


Go bright and bold with a QLED TV

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