What is Sony Full Array LED?

A jargon-busting crash course to some clever TV tech

14 Jun 2020

How do you make TV, films or gaming more immersive? One of the major things that make pictures leap off the screen (but draws us in) is contrast. Think about it. When colours are samey, the picture feels really flat – so what you’re looking at doesn’t feel real.

But when there’s a clear difference between lights and darks, it makes you feel like what you’re looking at is much more 3D and lifelike.


So what’s the difference between Sony Full Array and normal LED screens?

Your TV screen is made up of thousands of pixels. The pixels on a standard LED screens are either backlit or edge lit. So, when it’s time for a brighter picture – the whole of the screen gets lit up from behind. Or, one strip of LEDs on the edge of your TV has to try and balance the picture properly. It’s not all that precise.

Sony Full Array LED does things differently. Each pixel is self-illuminating. So, when an area of the screen needs to be really bright, those local pixels light up. When an area needs to be darker, they can shut off entirely. That’s called local dimming.


And that helps me how?

You get stunning bright light, darker blacks and everything in between. So, pictures can be lit up in a really precise way – which means a massive upgrade to what you’re watching, and it feels more real. It also means much better viewing angles than normal TVs with no loss of colour or contrast. So, don’t worry if you’ve gone out to make tea and someone has taken the best seat.

And because backlighting is ditched, it means that Full Array LED TVs can be much thinner. No more deep TV hogging a whole corner of your living room. Instead you’ve got a subtle and sleek thing of beauty. Sony Full Array TVs can also use less energy, since only pixels in use need to be on. This is way more efficient than backlighting.


Best uses for Sony Full Array LED

Ok, this sounds impressive – but what does it mean to you? Good question!

Sports fans

Football is coming back – and that means Premier League excitement is retuning to our screens. So, how to make the most of this? Sony Full Array TVs have the depth and detail to give you stadium action in all its glory – from the flags and the kits right down to individual blades of grass. With Full Array LED, you won’t miss a second of the action because you’ll feel like you’re there.


With vast open worlds and stunning visuals, games have been getting increasingly more immersive. But to do it full justice, your game needs a screen that can paint a real picture. So, whether it’s Red Dead Redemption 2 or Assassin’s Creed, a Full Array TV shows you these epic landscapes as they were intended.

Movie buff

Whether it’s the searing colours of the desert of the deep blacks of space, the Full Array LED experience helps bring big screen immersion into your front room. So, dim the lights and let amazing TV tech do the rest.

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