What is the best antivirus software for a Mac?

Find out which antivirus software is the best to help keep you and your Mac safe.

16 Apr 2019

Mac users aren’t often the victim of computer viruses, leading some people to believe that Macs are completely impervious to attacks. But, it’s still a computer, and it’s still potentially vulnerable to becoming infected.

While it’s true that Macs do seem to have fewer attacks on them than Windows machines, it’s not a great reason to leave yourself unprotected. So, we’ve rounded up the ones we think do the best job.


Top of the range security with McAfee LiveSafe Premium

McAfee offers protection for all your devices, including Macs, Windows computers, smartphones and tablets. So, all areas of your digital life can be kept secure.

It stops any viruses, malware or spyware from reaching your computer with its meticulous security system and keeps working to block any harmful software you might encounter. The intuitive web tools allow you to block any dodgy sites, and you can set time limits to make sure your kids have a safe online experience, without being glued to it all day.

Mcafee LiveSafe Premium

McAfee can also keep your personal information safe if the device it’s installed on is lost or stolen. Everything will remain encrypted while you try and find it, but if it’s nowhere to be seen, you can remotely wipe it so no one else can access your data.

Other clever web tools let you monitor your Wi-Fi, even when you’re not there, and you can block any unknown devices from using your network. The iOS version is even equipped with enhanced Wi-Fi protection too, so you’ll be safe from unsecured networks. With all these features, it’s easy to see why it’s a premium choice.

Interested? Get McAfee LiveSafe Premium for your Mac


Powerful protection from Norton Security Deluxe

Another big name in antivirus software that you’ve probably already heard of is Norton. It has an excellent malware detection engine that’s great at spotting harmful files and keeping your Mac safe from them.

Norton Security Deluxe

They have taken everything Apple fans loved about Norton AntiVirus for Mac and created Norton Security Deluxe, which can cover a range of devices so you can keep all your data safe, whether it’s on another Mac, a Windows computer or your mobile phone. This option is packed with features, such as being able to recover your hard drive if you delete a file, but it can have a bit of an impact on your system speed while Norton does its job.

Despite this, Norton is so confident in their product that they offer a 100% guarantee from the moment you subscribe, and their experts are on-hand 24 hours a day to help you solve any problems. So, if you want dependable and robust antivirus protection, it could be the perfect one to invest in.

Get your copy of Norton Security Deluxe


A bundle of features with Kaspersky

A well-regarded name in its field, Kaspersky maintains its reputation for amazing antivirus software by having a range of features that others just haven’t thought of. It includes things like protection from ransomware, parental controls and some clever software to make sure your banking is completely secure, so you can shop online without worrying.

Kaspersky Total Security

If you haven’t used it before, it can be a bit confusing at first because the huge range of features (while certainly welcome) can make the interface a bit overwhelming. But everything you’re looking for is there and then some, you just have to get used to finding it. Once it’s all set up, your Mac will still perform as it’s designed to, which makes Kaspersky a great choice for something that will work hard in the background without any effect on your machine’s speed or responsiveness.

Protect your Mac with Kaspersky today


Protect the whole family with F-Secure Safe

F-Secure is an antivirus service that offers protection for the entire family. It can protect all your devices, from Macs to PCs, even phones and tablets, and its strong parental controls allow you to set restrictions, keeping younger members of the family away from any inappropriate content.

F-Secure Safe

It can ward off viruses, spyware and ransomware, and any attempts to access your data are swiftly deflected. The user-friendly interface is easy to get used to, and the whole thing is simple to set up on whichever device you choose. You won’t need to go through updates or licences or any other hassle, just log in and activate the protection.

And, if your kids lose their device (as kids do), you can use the dedicated web portal to locate it. If it ends up in someone else’s hands or you can’t get it back, you can quickly erase everything, so no sensitive information is lost.

Get F-Secure Safe and protect the whole family

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