What Is the Best Home Security Camera?

When it comes to protecting your home there’s no room for compromise.

09 Dec 2019

You'll want to be sure you’re getting the best home camera system on the market. With so many surveillance kits on offer, it can be tricky to know which one is right for you – that’s why we’ve done the legwork and narrowed down the best home cameras. 


Best indoor security camera 

If you’re looking for some extra peace of mind when you’re on holiday or out during the day, an indoor security camera lets you check in whenever you fancy. Most home security cameras are small and unobtrusive, so no one needs to know they’re there - and you’ll be able to relax knowing should anything happen when the house is empty, it will all be caught on camera. 

If discretion is your main priority, the Arlo WiFi Security Camera is small and light, weighing only 270g. As it’s completely wireless and runs off battery power, it’s perfect for popping into little corners and moving around the house, so you can have eyes everywhere. 

Monitor your home from your phone 

A great benefit to using WiFi enabled security camera for home monitoring is the ability to view live footage remotely on your mobile or tablet. Most brands of home security systems offer an app, to make streaming video super simple – just open the app to see exactly what’s going on in your home whenever you want to check in. Some security cameras like the Google Nest Cam even send you a notification if motion or heat is detected, so you can take a look on your device straight away. 


Best outdoor security camera 

When it comes to monitoring the outside of your property, the best outdoor security cameras are usually completely weatherproof, so you can put them anywhere and know they’ll be able to cope with even the harshest weather conditions. Look out for a security camera that offers enhanced sensors – this will mean you don’t get lots of notifications for things like leaves falling and bugs, only the stuff that matters. 

With a complete kit like the Swann 8-Channel Security System, you’ll usually get a hard drive that saves all your footage from multiple cameras, so if you ever need to go back and check what time a visitor came by or the number plate of a car, you can easily go back and retrieve the footage you need. 

Best front door security camera 

If you dislike answering the door when you’re not sure who it is, it’s worth considering a hidden doorbell camera. With this, you can see who’s at your door on your Smart device - even when you’re not home. And with lots like the Ring Video Doorbell offering two-way audio, you can tell the postman where to leave your package or let a visitor know you’re just around the corner – pretty handy. 

If you choose a hidden outdoor security camera with a wide field of view, you’ll often be able to see your whole driveway, so you’ll get a full view of everything that’s happening – take a look at our full range of doorbell and front door cameras

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