What is the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Everything you need to know about Samsung’s revolutionary new device…

22 Feb 2019

As well as revealing three brand new Galaxy S10s at its Unpacked 2019 event, Samsung surprised everyone by formally unveiling its new foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold.

It’s fair to say there were a lot of gasps and wows in the room when Samsung demonstrated just what the Galaxy Fold can do.


That screen

Samsung Galaxy Fold screen

When unfolded, you get a mind-blowing 7.3-inch display, so it’ll feel more like a tablet than a smartphone. When the phone’s closed, there’s a ‘cover display’ on the ‘front’ of the handset.

The example given at the event was of somebody looking at Google Maps on the front of their phone. When opened up, that same map is still there, but it doubles in size. Samsung is calling this app continuity – any app open on the front screen will appear on the flex screen when opened.

The Galaxy Fold gives you a fully immersive experience however you use it. You can enjoy movies and games on a huge screen that really draws you in, and it’s great on a practical level too, as you can move things around the display (emails, entertainment, websites) as you wish – almost like a desktop.

Samsung Galaxy Fold announcement

The screen quality is second to none, as you’d expect. Its 2152 x 1536 pixels resolution puts the bigger ‘inside’ screen firmly in the Full HD display category, while the 4.58-inch cover display has a resolution of 1960 x 840 pixels.

And if you’re wondering if the hinge will wear out over time, or create a line that goes all the way down the middle of the screen when opened up, Samsung were able to put our minds at rest on that. They say it’s created a hinge system that allows for thousands of opens and closes, giving you an uninterrupted view.


So what are the specs?


Samsung Galaxy Fold body

So, the flex screen is the big news here, obviously, let’s not forget that the Galaxy Fold has all the other mod cons. As well as the flex display’s vital statistics, here are some of the other highlights:

  • 6 inch front screen
  • 3 inch infinity flex display
  • Hinge system allows for 1000s of opens and closes
  • Available in Black, Green, Silver, Blue
  • Personalise the hinge colour
  • Sound by AKG
  • Multitask three apps at the same time.
  • Screens work together - app continuity
  • 12GB ram.
  • Two batteries totalling 4,380 mAh
  • Six cameras – three on the back, two inside, one on the front

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