What's so great about the Huawei P40 camera?

Meet the triple lens shooter packed with AI power…

04 May 2020

The ‘P’ series is famous for featuring the best of Huawei’s new camera technology, and the P40 is no different. Even though it’s loaded with cool tech - including a cutting edge 5G-ready chipset – its triple lens (50MP + 16MP + 8MP) camera is the standout feature. Here’s why we think it’s such a big deal.


50MP wide angle lens for super clarity

The star of the show is the 50MP main lens. You’ll be using it for most of the day-to-day stuff you shoot on your P40, and it’s incredibly versatile. It’s great for close-up portrait shots full of detail, but shoot a faraway scene - like a tree-lined park - and every single object is equally sharp.

The dynamic range is really impressive too. It brings out the details in shadows, and tones down any overly bright light – even if these two things happen in the same shot. We’ve tried shooting in all sorts of lighting conditions - from sunny days to cloudy and overcast mornings - and this lens can handle the lot. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that these are the most natural looking photos that we’ve ever seen on a Huawei smartphone.

For night owls, there’s an Ultra Vision Sensor that lights up the darkest shots, giving you more detail and colour than you can actually see in real life. Oh, and just one more cool feature before we move – you can magnify any small part of the photo to create a different shot. And even in these new shots, the level of detail is incredible.


Go ultra-wide or up-close

The secondary lens on the P40 is 16MP ultra-wide. It really comes into its own when you’re taking landscape shots, or if you just want to get more mates into the frame.

If you’re into shooting things up close, you’ll be using the 8MP telephoto lens a lot. It comes with optical image stabilisation built-in, so even if you’re hands are a little shaky your photos will come out blur-free. You can shoot things as close as 2.5mm, so if you’re into nature photography you’ll be able to see every detail on things like insect wings and leaves.


Be the selfie master

The 32 MP front camera comes with autofocus and takes pretty flattering selfies – even if we do say so ourselves. It uses a little AI magic to adjust the lighting on your face, so everything looks perfectly natural. Clever stuff.


AI makes great photos even better

Huawei is using plenty of AI power to help you take better shots than ever. It can even improve shots you’ve already taken, with an AI feature that lets you remove photo-bombing friends from the background, or anyone that accidentally wandered into shot at exactly the wrong moment. And for a final neat AI trick - you can even get rid of any reflections that appear if you’re shooting through glass.

Have you tried the P40 camera for yourself? Were you impressed by the quality of your shots? What was your favourite feature? Share a comment below and let us know!

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