What tablet should I buy?

With so many tablets to choose from it can be hard to know which is right for you. Our handy guide takes you through the options…

05 Jul 2018

Busy mum who runs the show

In a nutshell: High-quality tablet for work and play

This tablet is more than just a gadget: it’s your go-to help for everyday life. You’ll use it to watch Netflix boxsets in bed after a hard day. It’ll help you to choose the right fridge or car, run the family finances, and window shop for clothes from the sofa.

What to look out for:

  • Fast processor for running several apps at once
  • High-resolution screen for streaming Netflix
  • Headphone socket to take the latest boxset to bed
  • Wide range of apps – from Scrabble to Netflix
  • Compatibility with Office Apps for family finances

Why not try… Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Slim and lightweight, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is a smooth multi-tasker.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Netflix is a joy on the crisp and vivid AMOLED screen and you’ll find all your favourite apps in the Google Play Store.

And you’ll be able to download lots of them – its fast processor lets you run multiple apps smoothly. You can even view and edit Word and Excel docs with Office for Android.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2


Creative professionals and design students

In a nutshell: A big screen to show off your big designs, and the power to run demanding design software

You’re an artist, animator, designer, photographer or video editor. What you need from your tablet differs from the average person.

Working in apps like Abode Photoshop and Illustrator make screen quality and size crucial for starters. 

Look out for:

  • Large 10 or 12-inch screen with a high resolution and enhanced brightness
  • Digital stylus for sketching and designing directly on the screen
  • As much processing power as a high-end laptop
  • Compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud and other design software

Why not try… iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is a creative’s dream. It’s more powerful than most PC laptops and Adobe has optimised the Creative Cloud to get the best from it.Apple iPad Pro

Artists will love the Apple Pencil stylus (sold separately) for its pressure sensitivity and overall feel.

The 10.5-inch screen – 20% bigger than the 9.7-inch model – delivers rich colours and texture through its combination of high resolution and enhanced brightness. 

Get the iPad Pro


Instagram-loving bucket-list travellers

In a nutshell: Sturdy but small with sharp screen and camera

Staying out for the summer? Whether you’re going off-grid or hitting the beach, document your travels with a tablet. From shooting Instagrammable photos to planning your trip.

What to look out for:

  • Slim, lightweight and small for slipping in your rucksack
  • Sturdy metal design to take the odd knock
  • Video-calling apps for speaking with friends and family
  • Good camera for documenting your travels
  • Sharp-screen for watching Netflix or reading a book

Why not try… Apple iPad mini 4

iPad mini 4

This 7.9-inch tablet weighs just 299g and is encased in tough metal – perfect for carrying in your rucksackor suitcase. Take panorama and artsy time-lapse photos with one of its cameras, and selfies with the other.

Get the iPad mini 4


Netflix boxset bingers

In a nutshell: A tablet that’s all about the screen quality

Netflix has transformed TV with original series like Stranger Things and The Crown. What’s more, the simple app means binge watching is easier on iPad than a TV.

Do its sumptuous shows justice with a tablet that prioritises picture quality.

What to look out for:

  • Better-than-HD screen to appreciate the filmmaking
  • Built-in stand to prop up the tablet for comfort
  • Good quality speakers for atmospheric sound
  • Long battery life for box-set binging

Why not try… Acer Iconia One

Acer Iconia One

Bring the cinema to the sofa with this Acer tablet. Powerful front speakers and Full HD picture quality combine to deliver an audio-visual experience that can last up to 10 hours before charging.

Get the Acer Iconia One


Laptop-wielding commuter

In a nutshell: Slim and silent tablet makes for considerate commuting

Breezeblock laptops that sound like a plane landing when you boot them up don’t make for happy commuting. Please your fellow train passengers by upgrading to a slender and silent tablet with enough power and speed to throw your laptop serious shade.

What to look out for:

  • Microsoft Office apps for running Word and Excel
  • Thin and light for taking up minimal space
  • Bluetooth keyboard for emailing and documents
  • Plenty of ports for plugging in devices and SD cards
  • Fingerprint sensor for peace of mind when travelling

Why not try… Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Sophisticated and lightweight, this tablet is perfect for business travel.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

handy digital pen writes like your regular ballpoint for easy notetaking. And the lightweight magnetic keyboard is designed for fewer typos.

superfast processor and Office for Android mean working on the go is no problem either.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3


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