What to binge-watch on Netflix (top shows revealed)

The Crown and Stranger Things return for second seasons while Watership Down makes its debut. Here's the best of Netflix in 2017.

20 Apr 2017

Last year, The Fall, Hemlock Grove and Marco Polo were high up on the Netflix binge-watching chart. Here’s a heads up on the new shows likely to prove equally compulsive…


Credit: Netflix

13 Reasons Why

What’s it about? This gripping teenage drama is ideal for devouring in a sitting or two. Based on the bestselling young adult novel by Jay Asher, the 13 episodes are gripping. After Hannah Baker commits suicide, her friend and classmate Clay receives 13 cassette tapes. They focus on 13 fellow students, each of whom is connected with her death. As each story unfolds, the tragic circumstances behind Hannah’s death are gradually revealed.

Who are the stars? Katherine Langford is Hannah Baker, Dylan Minnette is Clay Jensen. Selena Gomez is an executive producer.

When’s it on? It’s ready and waiting for your bingeing pleasure.


The Crown season 2

What’s it about? The Golden Globe-winning royal drama returns, only this time the spotlight is away from Elizabeth II and firmly on Prince Philip, bringing his childhood, his relationship with Prince Charles and a few other controversies into focus. Season 2 is expected to pick up in 1957 and follow the royal family through to 1964.

The Crown

Who are the stars? Most of the cast from season 1 are in evidence again, including Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth and Matt Smith as Prince Philip, but there will be new faces including Matthew Goode as Lord Snowden, beau then husband of Princess Margaret.

When’s it on? Look out for it in November.


Marvel’s Iron Fist

What’s it about? The latest instalment in Netflix’s Marvel Comics adaptations. Iron Fist tells the story of Danny Rand who reappears after being missing - presumed dead - for well over a decade. Armed with serious kung-fu skills and the powers of the Iron Fist (watch his fists glow yellow) he’s ready to settle some scores. 

Who are the stars? Danny Rand is played by Brit actor Finn Jones (of Game of Thrones fame). Martial arts teacher Colleen Wing is played by Jessica Henwick.

When’s it on? Season 1 is available on Netflix now


Watership Down

What’s it about? The plucky rabbits of Sandleford Warren return in this 4-part animated mini-series, based on the novel by Richard Adams. The bunnies are driven from their warren by its impending destruction and must make an epic journey through the English countryside to find a new home and a better society. Will our courageous furry friends prevail? Watch this joint Netflix-BBC blockbuster to find out.

Watership down

Who are the stars? Watership Down is voiced by a star-studded cast including James McAvoy as Hazel, John Boyega as Bigwig and Olivia Colman as Strawberry

When’s it on? Set to air this year (2017).


Stranger Things (season 2)

What’s it about? In the highly acclaimed first season of Stranger Things, a young boy disappears in rural 80s Indiana. As his friends play detective, weird and mysterious events gather pace. The new 9-part season 2 is set in 1984, picking up a year after the first season ended. Expect Ghostbusters outfits, monsters, visions, new characters and even scarier – and stranger – things.

Who are the stars? The familiar faces including Wynona Ryder as Joyce and David Harbour as Hopper are all present, but some new characters will make appearances too.

When’s it on? It’s released on October 31st – Halloween.


The Get Down part 2

What's it about? It’s 1977 and a musical revolution is happening in New York City as the heady days of disco give way to hip-hop. Set in the South Bronx, the show follows the fortunes of a group of teenagers led by Zeke, who dreams of becoming a big musical success. The first 6 episodes premiered in 2016, and now another 5 have been added.

Who are the stars? Created by Baz Luhrmann, The Get Down features Justice Smith as Zeke, Jaden Smith as Marcus ‘Dizzee’ Kipling and Herizen F Guardiola as Mylene Cruz.

When’s it on? Catch it now.

Reckon you’re a serial binge-watcher? Find out where your favourite series ranks on the Binge Scale.


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