What you need to know about AMD Processors in HP Laptops

Want a faster, more powerful, responsive laptop? AMD Ryzen™ processors are made for multitasking.

02 Apr 2020

It’s not easy navigating the huge choice of laptops out there, especially if you’re unfamiliar with processors and what they do. Some are built for streaming movies and others are built for handling big work projects – it’s all about finding the right one for you.

AMD technology is used in the largest display in New York’s Times Square, as well as aircraft cockpit displays and games consoles. So, imagine what an AMD processor can do for your laptop. 

Here, we’ll take you through AMD’s three main processor types: AMD Ryzen™ 3, Ryzen™ 5 and Ryzen™ 7 processors, and how they can make your HP Pavilion laptop work to your advantage.

AMD Ryzen™ 3 Processor

If reliability is the first thing you look for in a laptop, the AMD Ryzen™ 3 CPU is a great option. Designed for stable performance, even with multiple programs running, you’ll be able to complete your work in a fraction of the time thanks to fast loading and impressive responsiveness.

But that’s not all. AMD processors like the Ryzen™ 3 3300U feature SenseMi technology, clever AI that diverts processing power to the applications that need it the most. It builds up an idea of how you work and the commands you’re likely to make next, to make each action faster every time you do it.

Plus, the latest Ryzen™ processors aren’t just processors – they’re graphics cards too. That means whether you’re unwinding with a movie or editing photos from your holiday, you’ve got the power to get perfect images with all your other programs still running.


HP Pavilion 15 with AMD Ryzen™ 3 processor

Got your heart set on the AMD Ryzen™ 3? Then you’ll want a good-looking laptop to match. The HP Pavilion 15 Ryzen™ 3 Blue oozes style. It’s thin and light and has all the power you need to finish off assignments, check in with friends on social media, stream your work playlist and much more.

With four cores, multitasking is as easy as working with just one program open. Plus, combined with a fast SSD storage drive, you’ll go from booting up your laptop to getting stuck in on that project in moments. This HP Pavilion weighs in at well under two kilos, so you can take it everywhere you go.

Not a fan of blue? Not to worry! Check out the HP Pavilion 15 Ryzen™ 3 Silver.


HP Pavilion 15 with AMD Ryzen™ 5 processor

Looking for some more power? Then the HP Pavilion 15 Ryzen™ 5 is made for you. From editing holiday pictures to watching your favourite gamer on Twitch, the HP Pavilion Ryzen™ 5 can handle this smoothly.

Just like the Ryzen™ 3 processor, the Ryzen™ 5 processor focuses the majority of the laptop’s power to the programs that need it most, so you’re not wasting battery on applications that don’t need it. That’s why this HP Pavilion 15 is able to deliver nearly 10 hours of battery. And, with 256 GB of super-fast SSD storage your laptop will stay snappy.


HP Pavilion 15 with AMD Ryzen™ 7 processor

After a serious workhorse that can take on anything you throw at it? The HP Pavilion 15 Ryzen™ 7 is the machine you’re looking for.

Powered by the might AMD Ryzen™ 7 CPU, it’s got more than enough power to render hefty videos, work on big projects and flick through multiple tabs and programs at once. With a killer combo of fast processing and onboard Radeon™ Vega 10 Graphics, you’re free to unleash your creativity.

And if you fancy chilling out with a movie, you can lose yourself in Full HD detail and front-firing speakers tuned by experts at B&O.

Check out our full range of HP Pavilion laptops.

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