Which Bosch washing machine is right for you?

Bosch have designed a washing machine for every family, whether you prioritise sustainability, easy use or cutting-edge features.

03 Jul 2018

When you’re looking for a new washing machine you’re likely to find yourself deliberating over one or other model, so start by asking yourself what it is you really want from it (apart from clean clothes).

Is a quick wash most important? Or using less energy? Or future-proofing yourself with Smart enabled features?

The Serie 4, Serie 6 and Serie 8 models cover all of the above and more, packed with features to help zip through your laundry pile.


Full flexibility for everyday family life

The average number of annual washes per home currently sits at 270 – that’s a lot of loading (1)

With this in mind, you might appreciate a washing machine that’s easy to use and does the job with zero fuss. 

Why not try… a Bosch Serie 4 washing machine


Bosch’ Serie 4 washing machines are stylish, reliable and straightforward. Along with energy-efficient wash cycles, the range offers supreme quietness thanks to EcoSilence Drive™ technology. Ideal for when the kids are sleeping and they need their gym kit the next day.

The best bits:

  • EcoSilence Drive™ technology for quiet operation that won’t disturb the neighbours
  • Start/delay option to conveniently time washes and take advantage of lower night-time tariffs
  • 13 washing programs so you can wash different fabrics on the perfect setting, helping your clothes to last longer
  • ActiveWater technology for effective energy management
  • Save on your energy bills from the efficient use of water and electricity



Great performance and low consumption

Understanding your family’s active lifestyle, Bosch’s Serie 6 washing machines team high performance with low consumption -  they’re rated A+++ on the energy scale.


Need to squeeze in a wash in super-quick time? Say hello to the 15-minute fast wash. You can also set a timer, to make sure clothes are ready for hanging just as you get in the door.

The best bits:

  • EcoSilence Drive™ technology means it won’t disturb your downtime – you’ll hardly be able to hear it
  • VarioPerfect™ technology, allowing you to wash clothes on a super-speedy setting or a super-eco setting, saving you either time or money.
  • i-DOS™ sensors that detect load weight, fabric type and even how dirty the items are, and adjusting the detergent dose accordingly for the best results and huge energy savings
  • DrumClean with a reminder function that maintains your machine, wards off repairs and lengthens overall product life
  • 30% more efficient than the top class of washing machines
  • Durable, energy-saving motor for a long-lasting product that keeps bills to a minimum


Smart integration and outstanding design

Bosch’s Serie 8 washing machines go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. They offer outstanding design, as well as eco-friendly ActiveOxygen™ washing at low temperatures.

Bosch Serie 8 washing machine

Plus with its 9kg capacity you can fit more in which mean fewers washes – saving you time and energy.

The best bits:

  • Manage your washes from your phone or tablet when you’re out and about with the Home Connect appavailable on Google Play and iTunes
  • Every stain comes out of those uniforms and sports clothes with ActiveOxygen™ technology – great news for active and busy families
  • ActiveWater Plus makes this machine super-friendly to the environment, saving and using water more efficiently than ever before
  • Forgot something? No problem – the Reload feature lets you pop something in mid-wash



And as well as gentle and efficient washes, Bosch’s washing machines feature programmes specially developed for allergy sufferers for minimal discomfort.

What’s more, each of Bosch’s washing machines arrive with a manufacturer’s guarantee for total peace of mind.


Still looking for your perfect model? View all Bosch washing machines


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(1) ‘Average number of washes per home is 270 a year’: http://www.ukwhitegoods.co.uk/help/buying-advice/washing-machine/3620-working-out-your-washing-machine-use

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