Which Chromebook should I buy?

Google Chromebook are built for modern life from the ground up – from using your favourite Google apps to media streaming to collaborative working...

11 Mar 2018

Life is increasingly lived online. Apps have put everything from banking to our office desks in the palms of our hands – clients are met via video apps, files are shared and collaborated on from offices continents apart.

It makes sense to have a laptop that’s built from the ground up for our digital lives.

So, why choose a Chromebook?

  • Ready to go: Flip the lid, log-in with your Google account and get to work
  • Start fast, stay fast: Chromebooks boot in seconds and don’t slow down over time
  • Google’s Chrome OS: Cloud (online) storage, the best of Google built in (Docs, Drive, Gmail, YouTube)
  • Stay updated: Latest software is updated automatically to give you the most up-to-date features
  • Built to protect: Automatic antivirus updates for added peace of mind
  • Work and share: Write reports and spreadsheets, and share with colleagues via Google Docs
  • Free Storage: If you want 100GB of cloud storage for free for two years with Google Drive
  • Backed up: Save unlimited Google Docs files and Google Photos online for free* – access anywhere with internet access, photos up to 16MP high quality
  • Battery boost: Chromebooks sip rather than splurge power for 12 hour battery life. As Google say, if you’re over the old way of doing things, you Chromebook.


Which Chromebook is right for you?

Chromebooks range in price from just £200 up to £1400. View the full range at Currys here or choose from our highlights...


Sleek and sophisticated – Acer Chromebook 14

In a nutshell: Seriously stylish Chromebook that looks and feels like a premium laptopAcer 14 ChromebookThis thin and lightweight all-metal Chromebook costs under £250. Sure, it doesn’t have some of the specs you’re used to, but that’s because with Google’s OS the updates, virus protection and apps are built-in. If you want a good looking laptop for working and studying, or living online, this is a great option.

Smooth and sophisticated style is matched by performance – it’s fast to load and very responsive.

Reports and spreadsheets have plenty of breathing space on the large 14-inch screen. And you can share files at speed with AC Wi-Fi.

Look good, and get more for less with the Acer 14.


Laptop meets tablet – Asus Chromebook C101

In a nutshell: The flexible option – switches between laptop and tablet for that smartphone experienceASUS Chromebook 10 Silver
Always on your smartphone? Have an app for everything? This Asus Chromebook is a great match.

The screen can be detached and used as a tablet – making it perfect for tapping and scrolling through your favourite apps. And, if you’re an app lover you’ll be pleased to hear this device is optimised for Android’s Google Play Store allowing you to download direct.

Binge-watch the next big thing on Netflix, scroll through your holiday snaps and make albums in Google Photos.

Then flip back into laptop mode and get to work with Google Docs – from writing emails and essays to planning presentations. And the tablet mode of course makes presenting even easier.

If you love your smartphone, you’ll love this Chromebook.


Premium and powerful – Google Pixelbook

In a nutshell: The sports car of the Chromebook world – incredibly powerful, pin-sharp and very smart

Google Pixelbook is a high performance, premium Chromebook. Chic and sophisticated, it’s just 10.3mm thick and a smidgen over 1kg in weight – wrapped in aluminium. With a cool touchscreen, it can be used as a tablet or as laptop.Google PixelbookBut inside this stylish shell is serious power – with Google Assistant (think Alexa or Siri) for everything from booking a table to researching an essay with simple ‘OK Google’ voice commands. Or, if you’re on the train or a crowd, just hitting the button with your thumb or circling the screen with the Pixelbook Pen brings the Google Assistant to life.

Smoothly go through the gears of the most demanding software thanks to the bleeding edge Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM or get the supercharged version with an Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB RAM.

Soak up a movie in pixel packed technicolour detail on the Quad HD screen (2400 x 16000 resolution). You can even draw on the screen with the Pixelbook Pen that comes as standard.


Still looking for the right Chromebook for you? View the full range of Chromebooks here


*Files stored in Cloud apps are accessible when connected to the internet. Cloud storage charges apply over 15GB.


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