Which food mixer should I buy?

Whip up tasty pies, knead dough and even chop veg with the latest kitchen gadgets.

07 Jan 2020

When it comes to meal prep, food mixers do all the hard work for you. But if you don’t know your food mixers from your processors and blenders, choosing the right one for your kitchen can be tough. So, let us put you in the mix with our handy guide…

When it comes to meal prep, food mixers do all the hard work for you. But if you don’t know your food mixers from your processors and blenders, read on...

Food processor, mixer or blender?

Food processors can do a range of prep techniques like chopping, slicing, grating and puréeing. They usually come with a range of dishwasher-proof attachments that can be removed and cleaned. Plus, if you like baking on the weekend, food processors can also knead dough, whip cream and whisk eggs, making them great all-rounders.

Food mixers take the hassle out of baking. From whisking egg whites to mixing cake batter, kitchen mixers can do it all. Just mind those soggy bottoms!

Trying to eat healthier? A good blender makes it easy to sneak more of the good stuff into your diet. They’re good for blending smoothies or soups, and are a little more compact than food processors. Some even feature a blending cup that can be used as a travel mug. So, you can take that healthy smoothie on your commute. Plus, some premium blenders have vacuum seals, keeping your smoothie fresh for longer.

Is a food processor the same as a mixer?

Food processors and mixers are pretty similar, but there are a few differences you’ll want to consider. Food processors are more of a general tool to cut down prep time in the kitchen, with a focus on chopping, slicing and blending. Many can also handle baking prep and puréeing vegetables, so they’re ideal if you like to try new recipes and techniques.

A good food mixer is a must-have for baking prep. Whipping eggs, folding in flour and kneading can make baking a bore, and food mixers can do them all with ease. You’ll often find various speed settings, so if the recipe calls for ‘slow mixing’ or ‘folding’, there’s no need to do it by hand.

What is a food mixer used for?

As we’ve mentioned, food mixers, or ‘kitchen machines’, are generally better for baking than food processors. Whether you’re making cookies, baking a rustic loaf of bread or a Victoria sponge, preparation is easy thanks to dough hooks, whisks and beaters.

Which is the best food processor to buy?

The best food processors have a whole range of functions to cut down food prep time. Be sure to look out for capacity, maximum power and how many attachments they have and what they’re for.


The Kitchenaid Artisan has a huge 4-litre capacity and can do everything from chopping vegetables and whipping cream, to juicing fruit and crushing ice. There are also two speed settings and a pulse function, which is perfect for making homemade salsa.

You won’t need to chop ingredients to feed them into the processor, either. With a 3-in-1 ultra-wide mouth feed tube, you can place your ingredients in either horizontally or vertically, and the Kitchenaid Artisan will slice them perfectly.

Ready to get cooking? Find your perfect food mixer.

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