Which kitchen scales are right for you?

Wondering which kitchen scales to buy? We help you choose whether to go for fancy digital or old-school mechanical ones…

28 Apr 2016

Why do you need scales for baking?

Baking and cooking are fundamentally different. Cooking recipes are often more of a guide – you can chuck in a bit of this and a bit of that, play with quantities and spices, and it’ll probably turn out alright.

Baking, on the other hand, is a science. Fail to follow the recipe or use the correct measurements and you could end up with egg on your face.

It’s all about precision – something you’ll find with a set of scales. But should you go for digital or mechanical?

Digital scales

In a nutshell: The modern approach for more serious bakers. A flat scale that works out the weight of your ingredients and shows it on a digital screen.

Digital scales let you bake with precision as you can measure out your ingredients gram by gram – and even weigh liquids. With them you can:

  • Get greater accuracy when you’re measuring small amounts. There’s no guessing with digital scales – you get a precise to-the-gram reading every time
  • Your ingredients will be weighed in a few seconds, and the reading shown clearly on an LCD screen. To make it even easier, you can switch between metric and imperial
  • Multitask by weighing more than 1 ingredient in the same bowl with the tare function
  • Easy to store thanks to the slim design – so you can easily slot them into your cupboard  

More heavy-handed bakers will love the 15-year guarantee. Metric or imperial? You can work in either. Start with your sugar then add your butter to the same bowl with the add-and-weigh feature.

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Mechanical scales

In a nutshell: The traditional kitchen scales for fans of retro design. A bowl sits on top of a mechanical scale with the grams and kilograms displayed on the front.

Mechanical scales are more basic than digital but really easy to use. With them you can:

  • Work in metric or imperial – you can see the measurements next to each other on the scale face
  • Retro style gives your kitchen a vintage feel
  • No need to plug them in or add batteries like with digital scales
  • Often cost less to buy because they’re more basic  

For a stylish set of mechanical scales, you can’t go wrong with the Salter Orb scales. The curvy design, red colour and old-school dial look the part in any retro-style kitchen – while the 15-year guarantee means they’ll last you for years to come.

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