Which Sony Android TV is right for you?

These TVs are full of surprises!

27 May 2020

We’re using our TVs for way more these days. They used to be strictly for telly and maybe a fuzzy VHS movie session. But now, thanks to Android TV and Sony tech, they’re entertainment hubs that can do everything from finding a favourite movie to controlling our smart homes.  

Sony’s line up of Android TVs are all packed with brilliantly clever tech that can upgrade your screen time. But which one should live in your living room? We’ve picked three of their Android TVs to help you find your screen idol.


For the movie buff…

Sony Bravia XG95 55” Smart 4K Ultra HD

Are we saying that only this Sony Android TV is right for movies? Nope. But if you want to really immerse yourself a slice of big screen action, this is a great option.

There’s nothing like being lost in a movie. When you’re so far immersed that you barely touch your popcorn. That’s something you can get in your front room. Here’s how the XG95 does it…

Full array LED with local dimming - this gives you fantastic contrast between light and dark. That makes the picture seem more lifelike, and makes it feel that the action is happening right in front of you.

X-Motion Clarity – this is definitely the kind of thing you should mention to impress your mates over Zoom. All it means is that you get smooth action and vibrant colours. No matter where you’re sitting in the front room – so no more squabbles over seats.

Acoustic Multi-Audio – ever feel like you’re not watching a movie but a ventriloquism act? Like you’re watching mouths move but the voices are coming from somewhere else? The XG95 has a clever sound set up that takes care of that.

Thanks to a perfect combo of rear tweeters and front speakers, the sound feels like it’s coming from the point on the screen where the action is happening. That’s just another way to make what you’re watching feel real.


For the smart multi-tasker…

Sony Bravia XG80 55” Smart 4K Ultra HD

Do you like all your shows in one place? Like to search for an obscure episode of that sci-fi series without staring blankly at the screen? The XG95 is a great TV for having all your favourite streaming services and apps in one place (thanks Android TV and its HUGE screen) and then having the power to search for them easily. How?

Google Assistant – while the TV’s still off, you can simply say “Hey Google, play me season three, episode 6 of insert show that only you love” and it’ll appear on your Sony screen. No scratching your head trying to find it on the right app. No endless typing. But it doesn’t stop there.

Smart home hub – with your smart home set up and linked to your TV, you can control all of it from your XG95. And that means you can dim your front room lights for the next show you want to watch. Plus your TV screen can do more than just control your smart home…

Chromecast built in – this allows you to cast your phone right onto the big screen in front of you. Why huddle over your phone when you can watch it all on a big, beautiful screen?


For the interior designer…

Sony Bravia XF90 55” Smart 4K Ultra HD

The XF90 has all the power you’d expect of a top tier telly, but it also looks great in a front room. And if you’re spending a lot of your time there, you want something that fits with the furniture. We could bang on the tech behind the XF90. Yes, it has a game changing X1 processor and X-motion clarity, but how does it look so good?

Super slim – its slim profile and rounded aluminium bezel means that the TV doesn’t ruin your décor and you won’t get distracted when in the middle of your movie marathon.

Hidden cables – there’s no point going to all this design trouble when there are cables hanging out the back of it. That’s why the XF90 has a built-in cable management system. No strings attached!

Shaped for sound – the L-shaped stand gives you a convenient nook for a soundbar. That way you can have stadium sound without the towering speaker stack!

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