Which type of heater is right for me?

With this cold winter weather, it's only right to settle down and cosy up in a nice warm home. See which heater would suit you best...

31 Dec 2018

There are a variety of heaters out there – like convector heaters, fan heaters and oil-filled radiators.

We’ll talk about the different types shortly, but first of all let’s look at an air purifier that blows hot and cold – literally.


Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Smart Air Purifier

Dyson Hot + Cool Link Smart Air Purifier

Surely the best fan is one that can warm you up when you’re cold and cool you down when it gets a little too warm for comfort. Luckily enough, the Dyson Hot+Cool Link Smart Air Purifier does just that.

But that’s not all it does.

It purifies, too, and in auto mode, it’ll automatically monitor the air quality and adjust the air flow to help keep your home feeling fresh.

You can even control it using your smartphone or tablet. Now, that’s smart. And if you’re worried about it keeping you up at night, you can rest assured that the quiet night mode will help you sleep soundly.

So that’s one great heater option which does all sorts of tasks in just one amazing bit of kit. But what about the other types of heaters? And which should you plump for? Here’s a brief explanation which may give you a little bit of guidance...


Convector heaters

Dimplex Cadiz Oil-Filled radiator

Convector heaters circulate air through the appliance. As the warm air rises to heat the room, it's replaced by cool air which itself is then heated – and the process continues on like this.

There are many benefits to using convector heaters:

  • They’re almost silent
  • They provide heat fast
  • They’re good for heating bigger rooms and spaces
  • They’re generally cheap to buy, and running an electric heater generally costs less than gas

Check out our convector heaters


Oil-filled radiators

Oil-Filled Radiator

An oil-filled radiator has an electrical element inside it, which is fully submerged in oil. When the electrical element heats up, this also heats all the oil.

It’s similar to a traditional radiator where as it’s the heated liquid that’s warming up, and heating the room. However, there are no pipes here – just a portable standalone item.

Turn on for easy, instant heat.

  • Oil-filled radiators are sealed units, so you never have to replace any oil
  • They turn all the electricity they use into heat, so they’re efficient.
  • Easy to transport

See our oil-filled radiator range


Fan heaters

Fan heater

A fan heater works simply by blowing air over a heating element. If you’re feeling chilly and in need of instant warmth, a fan heater will provide a welcome blast of warm air – absolute bliss!

Because the fan is actively pumping out the heat rather than just waiting for the heat to emanate from it, it can heat a room faster than some other types of heater.

See our range of fan heaters


With winter setting in, now’s the time to get your hands on a great new heater so you’re feeling toasty in those colder months.

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